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  1. - ADD ON NOTE: I checked both accounts transaction history, and once I had purchased a free Demo skin from the MP - it had all vanished. The balance of my lindens had nothing in that box in the table on the transaction history. Nothing, so can someone give me a hint of whats happened here? Have my lindens actually vanished or is it just the viewers/sl? because they're not showing up on the MP either... I transfered 4,000L from my acount to my alternative account, and I had both accounts open at the same time. I had checked my ALT to see if they had come through, and they had. I had 4,000L ... I minimized the window, about 5 seconds later I opened it back up and all my lindens had gone, vanished.. I need help on what to do and how I can get them back. Here is the proof/evidence of my transaction history on both accounts. DateTimeID PrefixDetailDebitCreditBalance05/05/201205:00:57----------Destination: Emilyy Kira Gift Region: ----- L$4,000 L$2,884 05/05/201204:50:18---------Source: ----- Object Pays Region: -------- L$6,788 L$6,884 Subtotals: L$4,000 L$6,788 —
  2. I basically have an ALT where I keep house stuff on etc, and I dont know / remember what email I used, I need my email because My password was random letters since reset it ages ago, I really need it can anyone help D:?
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