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  1. Yeah, as the previous post said, I would reccomend using phoenix or firestorm, maybe singularity, so that you can preview the animation in-world. I do this all the time, it works for me
  2. Hey, I just downloaded and installed viewer 3, with hopes to be able to see/use mesh... I have this mesh avatar that I put on, and for some reason, I can't see it at all. I also can't upload mesh objects, or change anything in the options pertaining to "mesh" so, why is this? is there something that I have to do to enable me to use mesh? Thanks ^_^ -EDIT Rather then uploading (which I don't really care if I can do), I want to be able to VIEW mesh objects, which I dont seem to be able to do... AND I have payment information on my file, and I have done the test, both thigns are in the green now, there is still no option for uploading mesh, or anything about mesh in the options...
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