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  1. OK so I try and gift my girlfriend items from the market place and every item I try and gift her I doesn't seam to go threw it just says unable to send or something like that ive tried many items from many different stores and they still don't go threw I even copied and pasted her name so I know it isn't spelled wrong I really want to gift her a blood necklace form the marketplace an still nothing ive tried for days on end if anyone can help me it would be appreciated very much
  2. As of about 30 minutes ago my nor my fiance can log in to our accounts on the SL game itself. Everytime we attempt to do so it say " Login Failed: Due to system problems, Logins to Second life have been disabled until further notice.Please monitor the Grid Status page for updates" and when we check the grid status says nothing about this issue. Please help
  3. Today i bought 28 items for my house in the market, after receiving all the blue pops up which i cliked yes/recieve i checked my inventory and only 8 of them were there.. it was more the 1200 L$ worth of stuff.
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