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  1. I have this issue now also, and when i not rig the mesh and import to sl (beta grid) the texture looks perfect, also in Maya. So its not a Maya or Blender issue, but.... When i rig it, the rig is perfect, but when i apply a texture on the eyes, the turned out white and thats in SL, in Maya looks good on rigged mesh, but weird thing is, i made 3 UV map sets, 1 for the eyes, 1 for body and 1 for some details , but the body shows the texture and the rest turned out white in SL. So maybe its an issue when more uv maps are applied???? more materials is not an issue. because when i select the uv mapped faces, i can recolor them in SL. I read this topic and want to share this information. I hope this will be fixed soon:) edit: Ok i just tried it, and unrigged it, made 1 UV Map of all my parts, and rigged it again, also could save weigths and load it again after UV map it, Now when i apply the new uv map texture , they look good, so only 1 uv map is possible at the moment. But you can give faces diffrent materials, and apply the same uv map texture onto them:) Hope this helps:) Greets Lucindy
  2. I tried to move the joints, and did no rotations at all to the joints and bones, i only moved them, and i used joints positions when i upload, but it seems that no joint is in the right spot after uploading. Also i made an pose for it and also that seems not right. What do you mean with move the bones???? The joints, or the bones itself. Because i moved the joints wich makes the bones longer or shorter. Maybe show some screenies from a bone(s) you moved and maybe a screenie of the anim/pose so that we have an idea how to. I use maya, and the skeleton.ma file from chosen few. I already used an avatar and rigged that to the skeleton and that was okay, It's only when i move joints/bones to another position. Offcourse i kept in mind that the standard animation from SL don't get along with a bend over skeleton. I hope there is someone that can help people further. Greets Lucindy
  3. Ok, i am able to test on the beta grid, but i have nvidia card and latest drivers, i just installed windows 7 all over so i have clean install, and yesterday i was able to log in to the adity with the beta viewer and tried some meshes, but today when i started the viewer it crashed my openGL again, so i think i have to wait for a fix for that. Till then i am stuck, also on agni he crashes, while phoenix don't crash.... So i hope this will be fixed soon, It's definatly not my hardware and/or software greets L
  4. Ok, it seems that the normal viewer 3 wich says it's 2, but that don't matter, that viewer crashes on NVIDIA i read and has to do with the TdrDelay timout , (in my case), and many people have that problem, so i saw the beta version Second Life 3.2.2 (244666) and downloaded that one, and this seems to worked for me and also fixed the uploading the mesh for me. So the Second Life 3.2.2 (244666) FIXED it for me:) i thought i post this here in case some one that has this problem can try this also. worth a try:) Greets Lucindy p.s. i also tested Second Life 3.2.2 (244666) on the beta grid aditi and it seems that there i can not upload meshes. It says: NOTE: You dont have rights to upload mesh models. Find out how to get certified.
  5. Well, my payments are still not activated, and when i go to a mesh enabled sim it says i am not be able to upload meshes so i think you must enable that manually, i hope realy soon thx in advanced
  6. I also fill in paypall information and did the IP tutorial and i still can't upload meshes, even not on the aditi beta test grid. I wonder how long it gonna take before i can. Also the age verifying took 3 weeks i heard. That was before mesh came in. I hope this will be resolved soon:) Greets Lucindy
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