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  1. I used to be able to set my daytime to midday relog and it stayed. However I read that got changed so unfamiliar people wont get stuck on midday. This said to use the environmental editor but this too changes back. I prefer to keep it midday when I login because I am often working on something I need to see.
  2. Due to tough times, I had to decline getting a new payment card. I am being honest, and removed it from my profile here. I thought I was certainly going to lose my mesh upload capability for having to do this. =( l still can upload, and it says the payment info was "used" in my profile. I assume for my purchase of lindens dollars. Is this normal?, because that would be a huge relief I don't really want to lose that ability. I am no position to get new payment info right at this time.
  3. I got it to compile with: llRequestPermissions(PERMISSION_TELEPORT); but I got no dialog >.> I got really excited for a second.
  4. I also had a problem with this same issue.. Its still pink, and I took the test, and passed. It said A.OK your egistered, looked back at it still pink...
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