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  1. This is all do to math and how the video card renders. I have 8 gigs of texture memory. I find 1552 to at the limit but works well. There are so many different gpu cards today. It is best to set your math around 1024 if you have 2 gigs or more. This will keep you from having a bottle neck . Not about how much texture memory it is about how fast that memory is processed once it is in your cache. This bottle neck has been around for years. Certain gaming engines are built for certain on gpu rendering. look at how many GPU's LL has to try to work with. there are some great things up the road. Such as GPU mesh rendering. That has nothing to do with LL mesh. And AMD new FSR that can be implemented to to optimize mesh bottle neck. If you want to make your SL a better place then use a SSD hard drive you will see the bottle neck get smaller and super fast rezzez. Remember the texture is most of the time already in cache. Unless going to a new place.
  2. Simple stuff about land marks. The Star icon for favorites been around for ever. If you don't want to use the star. Then your two clicks away from making a land mark. You can find that in the knowledge base.
  3. in your help >> About Viewer. You will see the sim host "simhost-052666de8f6d097bd.agni" LL has been on Amazon servers as long as I can remember. Now they are on the AWS Amazon Web Services "cloud". Please take your time and create a free account on AWS This way you can learn it really doesn't mater what operating system is running on AWS. The thought of LL having to buy a MS license per simulator would lead me to believe not on Windows. The simulator is built runs in MONO.
  4. This is very common you will want to tp to http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Voice Echo Canyon/128/126/24 in FS re initialize voice. If in LL viewer re-log to last place and if it works then contact LL let them know that that parcel on what simulator you have this issue. What happens when the simulator is restarted it initializes vivox voice module. Make a hand shake simple as a user name and password. If vivox does not make the hand shake then you have no voice on that simulator. Then if vivox server for some reason does a reset then voice goes down. Then LL will will have to restart the simulator This happens to me about 3 times a year. Some times more but I have to report it about 2 times a year. I just login into echo canyon make the connection. If down still past restart day I contact that fine robot that never relays the message. So it is best to contact LL during them short business hours in chat and report it. Tell them it is working at voice canyon . This is very common on Main Land. Do your part help LL report it.
  5. Pretty simple stuff. Go to your about land. Then show your objects. Click the refresh circle arrow to show owners then show your objects on land. If it is close by you will see it. If not on land or in inventory. Then it went to lost and found. Re logging will ask LL to sync your inventory. Again if not on land or in inventory it will be in lost and found.
  6. I have spent Many days Supporting Secondlife Users. After 8 years of maintaining the media code for My Slackware builds. Over 10 years Maintaining the Linux LL viewer I am hoping to push this knowledge on. I have Taken a Year Sabbatical time to catch up on life. Did this back in 2012 to 2014 when I was Tutoring students on Linux basics. Teach you how to set up youtube show daily weekly etc. Why Linux. Well Linux musicians and media makers have pretty much left the Mac Windows behind. Came to Secondlife to work on Media Issues 2003 returned 2007 returned 2011. At My older age it would ne nice to see people take interest in Linux Media. Such As NickyD of Firestorm NickyP of Kokua. Aka Imprudence viewer the first 64bit Linux viewer. Contact me inworld Adam01time or my Primary AVI Drakeo Resident. Look at all the cool things you can do. https://www.youtube.com/user/Adam01Time More than Media it is your virtual world. And your SL Life history
  7. Lets step back to 2007. Ask did that work. Nope. I have 5k LL for the first LL Dev. That knows why it is DEB. Hint started in Indiana
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