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  1. We shouldn't have any issues witht the other owners considering we are all renting the land and we can all pretty much do as we please with the land. Some people do seem to have an issue with my build as they tend to throw up ugly screens and ban lines. Then my tenants complain cause of the messed up views and I have to show them how to turn off ban lines and throw up my own screens . It makes it a challenge trying to preserve the look and feel and beauty of it all. But I was there long before anyone else and I will be there long after they are gone. So, my opinion is, they know what is there when they choose to get the land. As for the one parcel now being pg, that shouldn't cause any issues with anyone next door as I keep everything within my parcel. They have had requests sent to them asking them to do the same. Now if they would just move that tree that is coming into one of my houses...:matte-motes-nerdy: Thanks for your advice and replying. Star
  2. Hi Katie. What sort of compensation are you looking for?
  3. Wanted to add an update. After much discussion, my business partner and staff have decided the best course of action is to make one of the parcels a family sim, PG. We can't change the rating from mature as it is sim wide and we don't have all of the sim, and in any case, we still want to offer mature living...which we only have the adult beds. So signs have been placed to inform people they are entering/leaving a PG area. Rental boxes have been updated with new rental documents for the parcel, all adult beds have been removed. I had one occupided skybox that has been moved and upgraded for the tenant's trouble. This parcel has never filled up or retained tenants for long, so maybe with re-zoning it we will see some succeess. The family that has been renting on one of the other parcels and caused me to question everything in the first place has been moved and upgraded to a house with the same amount in rent for the duration of their stay. Hopefully everyone will be happy and this decision allows us to offer affordable housing to families and at the same time, keep us all out of trouble. Thanks to everyone who conributed to this thread, as you input helped us to make this decision. If you are ever in the area, stop by Melody Star's & Kal's Paradise Village and icecream is on us! ;-) Star
  4. Thank you everyone for contributing to this discussion. As soon as I make up my mind I am am going to go one way, someone makes a point that confuses me further! Haha. The reason I provide beds is because the prims are limited (as they are everywhere and the beds I provide are only 1 prim for the whole bedroom set, 352 animations, no pose balls. I furnish the whole home with living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, as well as finishing pieces and plants for 10-12 prims. I can furnsih the home with far fewer prims than most people can. The rent is super cheap and the allowed prims per apt is only 10. Most tenants don't even use those. The family I have living there now are ok. The mother is a mother in RL and from what I have seen, she treats the children as if they are as precious as her own. SHe is also understanding about me replacing the adult bed with a pg. So I am thinking, I need to add to my rental agreement rules for child avis. Maybe make a sign to scatter about as well. I don't want to ban children. I just want to make sure a standard of moral behavior is followed on my property. It is a mature sim. The only adult thing is the bed, and even then, it is pretty tame compared to a lot of others.In any case, only adult avis are allowed to use them and if I learn otherwise...well I will report them and I will ban them. I am even considering making one of my pacels PG and making it for families. That might be the best solution to all of this. Hmmm I am liking this the more I think about it. That way I can offer the affordable housing young families are looking for, and provide a safe, clean environement that makes everyone happy. or...hmmm maybe put a family community on a sky platform...that way they are away from everyone. So many possibilities!
  5. I have decided that if a family rents an apartment or home from me, as soon as I become aware of it, I will replace the beds in the home with the PG version. Persoanlly, I think the whole thing is a little wacked. In real life, children live in homes where their parents are having sex in the next room, down the hall, etc. Sex is a natural part of life and how children come into the world in the first place. In a perfect world, sex would stay between the adults in the house and never involve the child in any way beyond conception. As far as child avis, we really have no way of knowing who or what age is behind the character being portrayed. I have no choice but to assume that the person behind the child is an adult, and in any case, they have to be age verified to come onto my land at all. I want to be in compliance with TOS, so seems to me the best way to do that is to make sure that in the home the child is living in, there are no adult beds. As far as homes/apartments around the child's home, well the child isn't living in any of those. ;-) It is either that or ban all families. Family role play seems to be a big thing in SL and as part of that role play, families need homes and since I offer some of the cheapest rents in SL, they will naturally want to seek out my community. As long as their role play is innocent and healthy, I have no problem with them living there. If I become aware of behavior that is inappropriate and against TOS, then I will report them and they will recieve an eviction notice. At least for today, that seems to be the best course of action. Thanks again for the ongoing discussion here. Star
  6. Thanks so much for the quick response. This has been very helpful. I just want to do the right thing. ;-) Star
  7. I have searched the forums for an answer and it is more frustrating than helpful. I am hoping someone here will know the answer as I don't want to violate TOS. I have very affordable rentals, (apartments, skyboxes, etc) and attract a wide variety of people, and now I am starting to attract families as well because I have two bedroom apartments and houses. I completely furnish, including adult beds. Are child avis allowed on my property? Can a family rent from me? Can they rent an apartment from me if I replace the beds with a pg version as well as a child's bed in second room? What about the surrounding apartments that are furnished with adult beds? If it is against the rules, and a family rents an apartment and I realize it later, then I would need to explain to them and evict to be in compliance? Sorry if this all seems dumb, but I really don't know how to handle this and I need the advice. Thank you so much for your help. Star
  8. I have apartments that are affordable enough, you don't need a room mate. They start at 30-40L a week, fully furnished with color change and animated furniture. Come check it out, we will be happy to give you a tour. Just search Melody Star's & Kal's Paradise Village. Or put in search, cheap apartments and we show up on first page. They may be cheap...but they are in fact...affordable luxury. ;-) Star
  9. Beautiful, tropical paradise is exactly where you want to be for your next home! We Offer: Apartments 30-40L, 2 BR 70L, Sky Boxes 100L-150L, Row, Town Houses, Lofts, Beach houses, Victorians, Cottages 70L-249L Furnished, Affordable Luxury. Paradise Living. GLBT, RP Avi & Furry Friendly. Game room for residents and guests that include bowling, Greedy, Chess.. Dancing, Fun beach, Romantic cave, Pub, piano lounge, cafe, and functional cathedral. Friendly, responsible management. Come home to Melody Star's & Kal's Paradise Living! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Family%20Bonded/206/244/21
  10. Oh my I love this!! Thank you so much for sharing this because I have never heard of her. I love stuff that is different, LOVE drums, tribal, etc. I think this will be my newest "Guilty Pleasure." Star
  11. From what I have read and understand, you rarely if ever leave the welcome area, so how could you possibly give advice on Sim Management or other aspects of SL, when you have no experience in any of it? Just saying... Star
  12. JeanneAnne wrote: Sylvia Tamalyn wrote: Simply put, because I like to have the land...it's what *I* enjoy... Okay Sylvia, thanks, and you too for your response in post #35 Qie. I guess that the only response that makes sense, to my query about why pay for something that's free, is because you enjoy doing so, so you can build stuff or have privacy, etc. That's fine with me. I'm not disturbed about it. Actually, I wouldn't mind paying a modest fee for my account to LL, so long as everyone had to, and if by doing so the $L was eliminated along with "private property." But under LL's current business model, as soon as SL costs me a cent of real money, I'm out. It's been fun, and all, but... sheesh! I guess we're all free to set our own priorities! Jeanne I have to respond to this just to say that if some people did not PAY to have land in SL, you would not have anything to enjoy for free. The places you like to visit for nothing would not exist if someone had not paid for the land to build on. People seem to always want a free ride and don't seem to realize that nothing is ever really free. Someone has to pay for others to be able to enjoy it. I hope you will at least consider making a donation now and then to the venues you enjoy for free to at least show your support and appreciation of the owner giving you a place to visit. The servers that maintain SL, the employees, etc. etc are not free. A lot of resourses go into making SL possible. They came up with a business plan (owning virtual land) to generate the income to make it all possible. We all enjoy what SL gives us...so why is it unreasonable to expect that it all should be given to us for free? Basically, some of us are paying so the rest of you can have a free ride. Thank goodness for that...or you would not have SL at all. You don't need land, a home, or anything to enjoy SL...but for me, it makes my experience so much more satisfying and when you consider all the joy I and other land owners get out of it, it is a small price to pay compared to other things we could spend money on. And for some people, in today's economy, owning virtual land may be the only land we will ever own! <grin> Star
  13. I was upset that the item disappeared and I realzie it was not the creators fault as there was no script in the item that would make it do that. The creator has been kind enough to replace the item and in fact we became friends. I realize now that sometimes things can disappear from one's inventory and no one seems to know why. I did not intend to make it seem it was the creator's fault and in the future, if I am upset about something, I will not post until I have had a chance to calm down and think clearly about the situation. Sometimes, in the heat of what ever is happening, people say or do things that they would not ordinarily do. When that does happen, hopefully we have the opportunity to redeem ourselves and in any case, we can choose not to do the same things again. That said, I humbly appologize for my prior post.
  14. I found this quite by accident while it was still only for premium accounts. The idea of making Lindens is what drew me. I spent at least a couple of hours there. Some of the challenges are not easy to get through...at least not for me because my avatar could not run fast enough and kept getting killed and had to start over. I finally made it through all the challenges and got paid. 3L! Are you serious????? I was not happy as I could have spent my time doing other things and made a lot more. I am not likely to spend time there again. It doesn't pay enough. Star
  15. My problem is I bought dog tags from the market place. They were modify, transfer, no copy which is why I chose this particular one as I wanted to personalize and give as a gift. Once modified, which took about 5 uploads of image done in photoshop to get it right...now I have spent 150L, I created a folder, put the dog tags inside the folder along with the creators note card, instructions, and LM. A few days later, I wanted to give the whole folder to my friend, and everything was there, BUT the item. Gone. I looked in every sigle folder, the trash, everywhere even though I know for sure I put it in the folder as I was VERY careful knowing it was no copy. I dropped a notecard to the creator explaining what happened and wondering why the item would disapear after I modified it. She has not bothered to answer me. So I am out the 100L for the dog tags, the 50L for images. I thought I was getting a good deal as all the others I looked at were a lot more expensive. The only one who got a good deal is the creator who got my money for nothing. Star
  16. Thanks Ceera. That is very helpful and i so appreciate it!
  17. Thank you Kuntz for an intelligent, informative response. This pretty much confirms what I have been seeing. It is really too bad since they reported the greatest growth rate in a long time was in August, of which I was one of them. Perhaps that is exactly what is needed in SL...new people...fresh ideas, etc. I know for myself I am coming across new people all the time. I can even be of help to them now. haha The economy is pretty bad all over in RL, so that has a lot to do with the decline in SL. People need to put food on the table before paying tier fees every month. Hopefully as the economy in RL recovers, so too will SL. We shall see. As for the person questioning my intelligence...I asked a question here hoping that people who actually own land now or at some point in the past could give me some advice based on their experience and I don't see the reason for them to have any credentials for that. Telling me to go to college or read a book was so very helpful. I probably have a higher degree and more class hours logged. I easily read 200-300 books a year on a variety of subjects as I am interested in everything. But I really don't have to prove any thing to you. So sorry you got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and felt the need to be insulting, rather than informative. I do want to thank you for your response though for it did serve to remind me that there are many different people in the world and they don't always play nice.
  18. I have yet another question: What are the limits for the number of avatars on various sizes of land parcels? Thanks for the help! Star
  19. I am wondering if it is worth investing my money in SL. SL economy has improved slightly, but will it continue to improve over time? Can a new business and land owner become successful? Judging by some of the posts I have read, grievers can ruin land, business, etc, and how do you avoid that happening to you? The only option for me at this time is to buy on the mainland as I can't afford a whole region of my own. How would one go about finding land that doesn't have a lot of lag, as lag would make it difficult to conduct business? I realize you can rent land off the mainland, but I would rather invest my money into land I actually own and pay teir rather than paying someone else's teir for land I will never own. I would really appreciate some advice on investing in SL, hearing about the experience of others and even some answers to questions I am not thinking of asking that you think would be something I should know as well. I have been doing a lot of research, but the more I read, the more confused and doubtful I become. I want to make the right choices and decided to appeal to the vast knowledge of experience here. Thanks in advance to all replies...I really appreciate it! Star
  20. No way should you use SL at work if you value your job. They could very well have it set up tp "see" everything you do on your computer. That is how people that view porno at work get caught when it is against company policy. If they have it blocked, then you can assume it is against policy. I worked for three years for the tech department at a college and that is how we managed to help them get rid of an instructor who was misusing his computer at work. Is it really worth losing your job over? In this economy, I would think not. ;-) Star
  21. WOW! I have not visited this thread in awhile and am surprised and gratified by the response. A lot of good advice and answers here! Well I am no longer so new now! In retrospect, I probably did not "look" so new at the time because I had already received some very good help from a few people that remain my friends to this day. I already had an AO, better clothes, hair, etc. I already knew about IM, but was still not paying as close attention when I got them. I have gotten better at that. Because I am a long time player of the Sims games, that helped a great deal in learning how to get around in SL. Someone said something about new people knowing how to use the forums. Well that is not so odd when you consider that there are tons of forums on the Internet, and if one belongs to any of them, then forums at a new site for them are pretty easy to figure out. I pretty much jump in feet first when I become interested in something and learn pretty quickly. I also utilize every resource available and visiting these forums has helped my knowledge of SL so much! The folks posting here ROCK! I have found the forums more helpful than anything in learning about SL, how things work, buying land, etc. The tutorials on the site as well as in world have been very helpful as well. I have met some pretty awesome people in my journey and I have also come across not so nice people. I have a better understanding of what land owners have to deal with at times as I have seen some pretty awful behavior. I don't understand it, but then I don't understand bad behavior in RL either! People will behave as they wish in RL or SL and you just learn to try and avoid the bad ones. I had one guy who kept pushing me at a sandbox and would not leave me alone. Now THAT was rude! Oh well. You move on. Anyway, I thank everyone for their advice and help and even all the other posters on the forum that helped me and didn't know it...just by me reading their posts. I hope I have many opportunities as time goes on to give back the help so generously given to me. I think the best help is to direct new people to these forums to take advantage of the advice and knowledge offered here, as well as the wonderful support. As for the reason for my original post, I have moved on. I have not gone back there, as I do not wish to engage in any sort of drama, for whatever the reason. As for naming her or her place, I don't feel that is fair to others that may have a better experience than I. She may indeed have had a bad day and I choose to give her the benefit of doubt and wish her well.
  22. Thanks for your reply and info. Yes I am using all search methods and teleporting to different locations. I just thought that if I posted here, someone might have something they are wanting to sell that I would be interested in. Just trying to use all resources, this being one of them. Thanks for explaining traffic patterns. That is a little confusing and I have a better understanding of it. I did realize that my expectations for the land I want to buy needed to be altered and have decided that I am going to up the teir and buy larger land. My apartment community is going to be small, not a mega-plex by any means. I mainly want to get my feet wet and start out small and see what happens. As for the smaller parcel, I will probably go a bit larger. I myself can completely decorate an apt for 20 prims, as I am now living in an apt that only allows that. Most of the items I have made myself and it is completely furnished including a 1 prim kitchen I bought, a fireplace, and wall art. It is amazing what you can do when you have limits and love to decorate! The apartment complex is completed with only 49 prims. I had the help of a builder friend and I am very pleased with the end result. I hope others will be too and want to live there. I plan on offering it furnished, but it all can be removed and someone can have their own stuff if they prefer. I have no idea how successful I will be in this venture, but I am excited to give it a good try!
  23. Hello, I am relatively new to SL and learning quickly. Sort of. I have been doing a lot of research and decided to post here hoping that the people here can help. I plan on getting a premium account in a couple of weeks, when my budget will allow it, paying for the full year. Then I want to buy two properties. The first one will be the 1024 parcel, the second 512. I want to start small and keep my teir at $8.00 a month for now. The larger parcel, I plan on putting up a cute apartment complex with a courtyard. The apartments will each have two rooms, one on the lower level, with a room above it. I am in the process of building it and am quite pleased with how it is coming along. I plan on renting the apartments for about 125L a week as I have found there is a lack of "cheap" housing and I think this is a reasonable price, plus I would make a small profit above my teir fees at this rate. I am looking for a nice, flat, green property at a reasonable price in a nice location. The second property, the 512, I am wanting in a town with good traffic, as this one I plan on making commercial with an apartment on the top story for myself. I plan on offering very reasonable rates on this one as well, depending on the location. Any help on finding suitable locations for my little business venture would be much appreciated. I am not interested in renting as I want to own the land. I also want a reasonable, fair price. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks! Edit: I keep re=thinking this and thinking I may want to buy 2,o48 parcel instead. Not much more in teir, and more space and prims!
  24. Thanks to everyone who replied. It did not occur to me that she would think I was lying about being new. I don't lie, so did not expect that someone would think I was. I did age verify in order to visit a place that required it. It was a beautiful fantasy place, but I guess some of the stuff on there for romantic actions is the reason I couldn't visit until I verified. I was lucky on my second day, an owner of a Karaoke bar helped me out a lot. It was from him I learned about the grievers. He has to constantly watch out for them. That is so sad there are peope like that. A couple of other people have helped me too in showing me where to find an AO to get rid of my duck waddle and other helpful things. I am still learning and because I am a game player (love the Sims games), I catch on pretty quick. So I am only I think 12 days old, but I would probably appear to be much older.There are so many wonderful places to visit and I am amazed at the tallent of so many people. I was hurt by the experience the other night. I know I am far too sensitive. But I have moved on and though I regret losing a place I felt safe, I do not wish to push the issue or intrude. I understand where she may have been coming from with her misconceptions of me, but I will not reccomend this place to anyone new. I would hate to think they could only be 10 days in, learned as much as I because of having help from myself or others, and then come across this woman and experience the same thing. I know it may not seem fair to this place or this woman, but I would rather err on the side of caution and not risk this happening to someone else. I do not understand bad behavior and acting without honor and integrity, I am sorry that people experience this in SL and seems to me, they should be able to ban them, and yes even their IP address so they can't keep creating new accounts.
  25. This is the first time I have posted. I have only been on SL a little more than a week. I have met some nice people and have started learning how to build as I want to build houses. I am really enjoying exploring all the different places and finding clothes and other stuff. Until tonight. There is a place I go to that is supposed to be a sanctuary for newbies and I go there often. Tonight, I get an IM from the owner and didn't notice until I TP somewhere else. I am still getting used to getting IMs and I don't always notice them right away. I also didn't know that it was here when I passed her. There is usually very few people there. Well she said she was going to offer help but I ran away and she thought that was very odd and didn't think I was new at all and to stay away from her place. I wrote her back and explained I didn't notice that she had IM'd me and all she had to do was look at my profile and she would see I was new. She never replied back. I am very upset to be treated this way. I learn very quickly and have had a lot of great help, but not everyone learns as quickly and not everyone is all that great on a computer or with games and may check out SL because a friend suggested it or whatever. I can't imagine how someone who doesn't know all that much and is as bad about noticing IM's or worse than I...how would someone else feel to be treated like this? It is not newbie friendly at all! Sorry my first post is a vent and I am upset. Oh and she told me to have a nice life. How rude is that?
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