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  1. Maybe I am missing something, but what is wrong with the sun and moon that is already in the sky? I see the sun rise and set...the moon rise, etc. I don't see the point of adding another...unless you are wanting more than one sun and moon in your world. As far as the moon goes, part of the changes for the moon to be realistic is adding all the phases of the moon as well. While you are at it, eclipses and such could be added too. Sounds like a monster scripting project, but what do I know? Pulling that off would be interesting and could be quite beautiful. :matte-motes-sunglasses-2: Star
  2. Have no idea why you are crashing, but have you considered using a different viewer? Some are better than others, so it may take trying a few before you find one your computer is happy with. Good Luck. Star PS: Could be a graphic card issue. When mine started dying, had all kind of trouble until my computer would not start windows at all. Installing a new graphic card, it booted rigth up into windows and no more problems. Knocks on wood.
  3. Thanks for replying and linking me to that thread. I hadn't seen the post. I think everyone having this problem should file a ticket as this seems to be wide spread. May br the only way to get it resolved.
  4. I have noticed the past few days that I can't trust my prim counts. One or two tenants will show crazy prim usuage in the About Land > Options Tab. If you click on the line for it to highlight the prims, it only highlights what they actually have or maybe even someone else's. Like 1 prim rather than the 657 prims the About Land is reporting. Some tenants seem to be sharing 1 prim that belongs to only one of them as it will highlight it for all. The rental boxes are doing the same thing, showing high numbers. One tenant IM'd me and said she didn't have anything at all rezzed. Is anyone else
  5. What you need to do is clear cache. This has happened to me before. I would hear sounds that no one else could. Clearing my cache solved the problem. This has happened twice now, and this was the fix for it both times. Star
  6. Having an alt would just be a nightmare for me to try and keep up with. This business is far more demanding than I ever imagined it would be, so it is all I can do to keep up with one avatar! I don't see the benefit of having a bunch of people on my friend list for business purposes either since it is easy enough to reach me. Plus I have three rental offices and in each there is a phone they can leave a message for me and I will get it even if I am not on SL through my email.I know I probably sound un-friendly and I certainly am not. I like making friends...but with people I actually talk to a
  7. On the decription page for the product, there is a section you fill out for requiremnts. You have to check one of these for it to be correct, rather than the default. Looks sort of like this (it won't let me post it exactly how it looks with the things you click on): Usage Requirements: None Unpacking Land Wearable I think it is a fairly new feature as I don't remember it with the magic boxes. Good luck! Star
  8. I definately need people to pay their rent as that is how I pay my teir and keep the place so they have an apartment to pay rent on. But a lot of my tenants past and present will tell you I have given away hundreds of lindens of free rent. If they pay four weeks when they first move in...free week. If they get a friend to rent and pay 4 weeks, they get a free week and so does their friend. I have gone around to the rental boxes and add a free week to a box when the tenant has been with me for awhile, just to show some appreciation. I have even added a free week when the box has gone into arear
  9. These are all good answers and I thank you. I do have a group and they are required to join it to live there as I use group to send notices of important info. I have thought about just saying I don't accept friend requests from tenants, but that seemed so snobby to me. But telling them they can make contact and get help through the group is excellent. I suspect a lot of folks do use the friendlist as a sort of address/phone book. I also think some people just like to collect friends as it makes them feel popular. I have made some good friends from some of my tenants, as they are the type o
  10. I am sure I am not the only rental business owner that has this issue, so I would appreciate getting some advice on this problem. I rent apartments and at least half of the people that rent from me want to friend me. I find it hard to just say no or decline and don't know what to tell them to do so. I am not being unfriendly, but most of these people don't actually become friends in the true sense of the word. I think it just makes it easier for them to IM me at any given moment. Or see when I am on. Also, as a business owner, I don't really want to become friends with my tenants how do I put
  11. I agree this is the best thread ever! Like watching a car crash...you know you should move along and get out of the way, but you can't help rubbernecking to catch all the details. I don't think anyone is going to convince this poor guy...I think he likes arguing too much and can't even consider admitting he could be mistaken. That video was priceless! I liked it s much I had to share it on FB, where I am sure I will offend many folks over there. Oh well. The movie...will have to watch it later as it is too long and I am sleepy...so please no one do aything to get this thread wiped out! Grin.
  12. I was joking...but not really. I have met people in RL that I met online as well. So far I have not met up with any serial killers. But, the Internet has created a new hunting ground for predators of all types, so one needs to be careful about how much info they share and about meeting up in RL. Someone who is up to no good could very well be taking notes on everything you say and peice together, over time, enough to actually locate you. Or get pretty dam close. A person intent on stalking you can be very good at this sort of thing. I think you should also keep in mind that yes, you can spend
  13. I think going to school is a good idea. There are several to choose from and they have different pricing. If you are RPing a child, then it is a great way to meet people...plus you might learn something new attending classes. As for being afraid to create an adult avi because you don't want to get involved in sex...well just don't get involved in sex and stay away from sims that are all about sex. I am an adult and I have never had pixel sex. I know a lot of people that never have. There is so much more to SL and frankly, I wouldn't have the time for it anyway. Not having pixel sex has in no
  14. I rent fully furnished apartments. You can get a 1 bedroom for 40L a week. They are furnished with color change animated furniture. They all have a color change fireplace, living room, dining and kitchen, and bedroom with an adult bed. They are beautifully decorated with book cases, china cabinets, wardrobes, texture change plants, some decorative objects, texture change painting, etc. I also have basic apartments (a few) that have a living room and bedroom for 30L a week. 2 bedrooms rent for 70L a week. I have a few even larger apartments that also have a bathroom for only 90L a week. You al
  15. You could file a trouble ticket. Or if you are not premium and paying teir to someone else, ask them to file it.
  16. Sorry to burst your fantasy bubble, but did you not see me state earlier I don't get involved in relationships in SL other than friendships? You have an overactive imagination if you think you have the slightest chance with me. Haha! After thinking about things and re-reading some of the posts from the old thread, you are actually sort of comical. I know you are just having some fun, but I feel sorry for the people that end up with broken hearts in SL...which is why I choose to keep mine...stone cold. Besides, you never really know who you are dealing with behind the avatar. Could be a serial
  17. Melody Star's & Kal's Paradise Village 3 offers affordable housing for families.
  18. Communication with the written word, you would think it is quite clear someone's meaning and intentions, but in reality, it is the most unsatisfactory form of communication, and meaning and intentions can become very confusing between a comma and a period. Appology most humbly accepted.
  19. I totally got what Storm was doing and my response was based on my feelings toward such behavior, not neccesarily directly at him, but toward folks that participate in such RP. He just happens to be the "face" in the public eye. I realize that people RP and they lie and they cheat and they have no concern for other's feelings and emotions. This whole subject is so complex because many do RP and that is all it is for them, while others are not RPing at all. And that is where the problem lies...the ones that bring real world feelings and expectations into it. If both parties involved are doing t
  20. This is either spectaculary brilliant or totally insane.The short version brought it all into perspective for me though. ;-) Star
  21. OMG you all are so funny! I learn so much here. It never occured to me that people with those sorts of names might be guys. I am so naive at times. But...my employee, she giggles...and I know she is a girl. So maybe giggling isn't so much a give away? I will have to pay more attention when I see/hear others do it. In fact, I think I need to pay closer attention in general. Always the last to know.... Star
  22. Sorry you were hurt, but he was never yours to begin with. If he will cheat on his wife, he will cheat on you. If lies come easily out of his mouth, as they must if he is married and fooling around with you, then you can never really beleive what he says. But you know all that. Too many single guys to settle for a married one. Besides, as some one else pointed out, what about his wife? Do her feelings not count? Enough of that. I know you feel bad enough. And a quick note to Storm...I get RP and what you think you are doing. But real feelings get involved and you know it so it basically make
  23. I looked through the older posts on this subject, and decided to start a new thread as these were pretty dated. You know how fast things can change in SL, so I am hoping to get some current info. What I am looking for are schools, elementary-HS that accepts students and don't require that they and their parents live there. If there are such schools, is there tuition and how much? Are there scholarships available? Any info anyone can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for your help. Star
  24. Thanks for your response. I can't do anything about ban lines that are on the parcel next to mine. All I can do is show my tenants how to turn them off in their viewer. As for my own property, I rent mainly apartments and no one can put up banlines as they don't have control of the parcel. I also don't allow security to be used as the settings usally are not tight enough to be confined to just their apartment. They have a password door and everyone is required to respect their neighbors and privacy. I think it works pretty well for the most part. It is not for everyone. What I offer are beauti
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