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  1. Do you have a debit card for your bank account that has the Visa or Mastercard logo on it? If so, you can use that. I have a Visa Debit card and have used that and it is the payment info they have on file. Works just like a credit card, except it takes the funds from your bank account. Hope that helps.
  2. One of my favorite subjects in college was Sociology...easy A for me ;-). Since I was taking a lot of extra classes, I took one almost every semester, so I understand why you would want to interview various strangers. I would be happy to help you out. If you can catch me in-world, as RL is keeping me really busy at the moment, I will be willing to give you 15-20 of my time. Good luck with your paper!
  3. Last night I logged on to find the whole sim where I have three parcels covered in multiplying giant dice. The root prim was on one of the other islands, but affecting my parcels as well as all the others. Movement was impossible. Such a mess! Luckily, it got cleared eventually and everything is back to normal. Now stuff like THAT..That is worth reporting and LL attention. As for this personal dispute, you people don't want to take good advice and apply it to the situation. You would rather continue feeding it and expecting LL to handle it. For all you know, they have addressed it. They are not necessarily going to inform you that they have. I know how frustrating dealing with this sort of stuff can be, but the advice given to you here is the best thing to do if you really want to be free from it. You continue to post about it and cry "But LL needs to take care of it." Well crying to everyone here about it won't get LL to take care of it for you. All this is doing is making you look as bad as the person you claim is persecuting you because you refuse to take good advice and stop feeding it. In the end, this person is having the last laugh and the joke is on you. I sympathize as it is never pleasant to know someone is disparaging you, but if you would just stop feeding it, you would be amazed at how quickly they would move on. Right now, you are just too much fun for them. That is the choice you are making. Good Luck!
  4. We appreciate our tenants loyalty and choice to continue staying with us. To show our appreciation we have developed a new reward program. In Jan and Feb free rent was given to a number of tenants and in Feb, we gave away two weeks free to a tenant that has been there a year! Over the next few months, I expect to give away a lot of 2 weeks free. I hope you will come and see for yourself why people choose Melody Star Paradise Village as their home. Prices start at 30L$ - 40L$ for luxury, furnished apartments. We also have skyboxes and cottages and sky domes. Tenants will be rewarded as follows: 3 Months = 3 Days Free6 Months = 1 Week Free12 Months = 2 Weeks FreeThereafter 1 Week Free every 6 Months Check out our website for more info and pictures:https://sites.google.com/site/melodystarparadisevillage/ To come see us, click this surl:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Family%20Bonded/35/185/22
  5. Most of my friendships that have lasted, are with people I met from the beginning and within a few months. One reason my good friendships have lasted is that we are "real" with each other. I mean we are not role playing, but being pretty much who we are. That doesn't mean sharing real life info. Though I do share a lot about myself, I have been and always will be guarded about the type of info I share. Like someone else said, there are people that will try to use things against you and from personal experience, sharing too much RL info leaves you wide open to RL stalking. You never know who these type of people will turn out to be, so it is best to remain cautious with everyone until you have known them a longggggg time in SL at the very least. There are a lot of good people in SL and many of the recommendations stated here are good ones. Just be cautious...and yet try to remain open...kinda like walking a tightrope and remaining in balance. Some people are just rotten. I have come across plenty of those and luckily they are easier to deal with in SL than they are in RL. Just mute. And for me, as a business owner...BAN! ;-) I get sexual advances all the time. If it is a tenant, I can refer them to their rental agreement which prohibits it, if they are a potential tenant, I can politely decline and refer them to the rules posted in each rental office, or just tell them myself, and if it is some random person being an idiot out in the world somewhere, I am pretty good at insulting them and their pixeled pride and joy. I usually get appologies after that (I think a lot of people are basically good, just something about being in SL and behind a computer screen messes with their good judgement). In any case, don't ever be so desperate for friends that you friend just anyone...have some good conversation first. I am sure you will find the friendships that will be enriching to your SL experience. Good Luck! Melody Star
  6. I think some of the people that post in this forum are famous. You can't have thousands of posts here, and not have been seen by countless other people! So I would say we have celebrities right here in the forums. As for seeing them in-world...I don't beleive I have seen many, but I do personally know of two that come to mind that have posted a lot here. And one of them is quite famous in-world! ;-)
  7. We appreciate our tenants loyalty and choice to continue staying with us. To show our appreciation we have developed a new reward program. Tenants will be rewarded as follows: 3 Months = 3 Days Free6 Months = 1 Week Free12 Months = 2 Weeks FreeThereafter 1 Week Free every 6 Months At Melody Star Paradise Village, we have the best rents on truly luxury apartments. Seeing is believing, so I hope you will come visit and see for yourself. Rents start at 30-40L a week and up. Check out our website for more info and pictures:https://sites.google.com/site/melodystarparadisevillage/ To come see us, click this surl:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Family%20Bonded/35/185/22
  8. There is a saying, "There is no such thing as a free lunch." Everyone who has land, who owns the land, either through premium membership or land rental has to pay recurring payments to keep it. The only way to not have a recurring monthly payment on that land is to maintain a premium membership, pay by the year, every single year (or quarterly or monthly) and buy a 512m plot of land that you are allowed with your premium membership, without any additional teir fees. Anything larger requires a monthly fee, each and every month that you own the land. For example: I maintain a premium account and pay quarterly. I bought a 512 plot of land and was lucky enough to find some on the water for I think I paid 3,999L. I don't pay anything else for that land, it is mine free and clear, BUT only as long as I maintain my premium account. So, not really free. If I increase to another 512m, then I would have to pay $5 a month, each and every month. No one gets land without paying the teir fees.
  9. Personally, regardless of risking your account or not, it is really a matter of ethics, integrity, and honor. If you use any sort of copybot, then you clearly do not have any of those qualities.
  10. I can't seem to start a new thread, so crashing this one. Is there a way to make your titles longer? I am having a hard time having enough characters without abreviating and no spaces. If there is a way to make them longer, can someone please clue me in. Thank you so much!
  11. When I signed up, I joined with a screen name/email name and have regretted it ever since. I didn't know I would be stuck with that name forever as my user name. Not that I mind starlalien as I have used it for years, ever since I first got on the internet and wanted to protect my real identity. I was relieved and happy when I discovered I could set up a display name. I would not mind having a last name, but I would want it to go with my display name, not my user name and that is not likely. So last names mean little to me. If it is that important, just add one of your choosing to your display name. Problem solved. ;-) Being a Resident doesn't seem that big of a deal to me. Just means we are all related. :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: staralien aka Melody Star
  12. Hello all. I decided to re-visit this thread more than a year later to tell you how it all turned out. ;-) Plan A - I started out getting a 4096 parcel and put up an apartment building. Plan B - When that didn't rent, I tried remodeling and lowering prices. I got a newbie in an apartment I offered for free. Plan C - Then I added 8 sky boxes and cut the building down to the lobby, and two free newbie apartments and two floors of a furniture store since I now had made enough to try to sell. Plan D - I took down all but three skyboxes, and tore down the building. Then I built 9 apartments, three stories high, and reduced the rent to 40L and 100L for the sky boxes and furnished them. They started renting. They started filling up. SO then I built more for a total of about 30 apartments. Plan E - I aquired the 8192m plot next door, tunneled through the rental office to get to it and put in a bridge and built more apts, including 2 bedrooms at 70L Later aquired the 8192m plot behind that one. This one was harder to develop, and took several different plans. All of it recently got new builds as I got better at building and landscaping. I have added sky domes, and more sky boxes, and cottages and now it is an amazing village community with awesome tenants, some of which have been with me a year. My newbie I gave the apartment to more than a year ago, now rents several places from me. My rental rate stays between 80-95% full. There are times it is at 100%, but that never lasts long. People come and go, and many end up coming back. ;-) It is at its best right now, a beautiful place, low rent, and good tenants. Am I getting rich? Not hardly. But oh my has it been successful!! It has been and continues to be a lot of hard work. And has been worth every moment. As for my furniture store, Un-Needed Things, it is on another sim and doing well and I now have a lot of my stuff on the Maket Place. Now that my rental business is doing well, I intend to concentrate more on my furniture store to make it more successful. Not everyone can make money in SL and not everyone will be successful. But with dedication, stubborness, and a lot of hard work...and a little luck, you can have a successful business. And for me, a lot of it was about proving that I could, when some said I couldn't. ;-) Thanks for reading and thank you for all of SL community for helping to make SL an awesome world to be in!!
  13. I used to have a couple of free apartments for newbies, but only a few ever used them and they pretty much sat empty. After awhile, I did away with them. As other posters have said, it isn't profitable to offer free space, especially when you have to make teir...SOMEONE has to pay for it. The best you can do is find yoursepf a cheap apartment. But cheap means few prims. There are several places that offer cheap rent, but it can be hard to get into them as people tend to hang onto them. I have rental property and you can get an apartment for as little as 30L a week. You only get 5 prims with that, but it is furnished with a cuddle/color change living room and an adult color change bed and a bit of other decor.For a larger one with kitchen, and maybe even a bath, depending on location on the property, you pay 40L/10P. I just built a new building with only 10 apartments. My property manager calls them Deluxe, and they are nice! These are renting for 65L/10P fully furnished with an ocean view in each apartment. Here is the LM: Melody Star Paradise Village Village 1: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Family%20Bonded/37/186/22 Village 2: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Family%20Bonded/58/244/23 Village 3: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Family%20Bonded/136/238/22 Good luck to you!
  14. Re-starting isn't going to solve this issue. I don't think it is anything we can do as I have tried everything including different viewers. I think some accounts got messed up somehow. When I created the alt, I was able to do all the things I normally do, including TPing all over the place. So it isn't the viewer that is the problem. I am glad another ticket was submitted. Maybe with more than one person, they will finally "get" that it isn't just me, but affecting others as well, therefore a problem THEY need to fix.
  15. I am having the same sort of issues and have a trouble ticket in and nothing they tell me works. My friends don't load, my groups are blank, my avi is messed up, I can't write notecards, I can't chat with ANYONE, and I can't TP anywhere without being logged out. They told me to delete the temp files and cache file, uninstall all viewers on my machine, re-install, which I installed THEIR viewer and It fixed nothing. I keep telling them it is not my computer but something on their side causing this. I created another avi and got on and can do everything just fine. No problems at all. I am frantic as I own a rental business and not being able to do anything is not good. I also have land fees coming due and no way to get there to pay it. I sure hope they figure it out instead of giving me the run around I feel I am getting.
  16. Hello Jade, I don't have a URL for it, but if you do a search you should be able to find Piazza del Mare. It is a wonderful sim set up like a town. The owners are good people and always helpful and the pricing is reasonable. If you talk to them, they will most likely be willing to negotiate prims/price to suit your needs. There are a variety of shops there, including mine, which sells low prim furnture (finsihing pieces) and decor. I like that there are different types of shops, including a little bit of competiton for myself. There is even a magical shop there! It is worth checking out. If you have problems finding it, please feel free to IM me and I will be happy to help you. Good luck in this latest adventure of yours!
  17. I have rental property and though I would not infringe my beliefs or ethics on others, when it comes to stuff like this, it is my land , my rules and I don't care how much they are willing to pay, no amount of money can buy immoral behavior on my land. I don't care if it is legal or illegal...in my opinion, children, either real or virtual have no place in adult sexual play. Period. I have a rental document they get upon renting with rules, info, passcodes, etc; and one of my most important rules is no sexual role play with child avis. I will report, eject, ban in a heartbeat if there is even a hint of that stuff going on. I am really sad for you that money means more to you than morality. There are plenty of decent people in SL to rent to without having to rent to these types of people.
  18. Come check out Melody Star Paradise Village. There are three areas. Village 1 and 2 are mainly apartments, Village 3 has lofts and cottages. Cottages start at 99L a week. Lofts are 50L a week. The apartments in Village 1 and 2 are 40L a week for a one bedroom and 70L for a two bedroom. Many have baths as well. All are fully furnished. The grounds are beautifully landscaped, and right now, landscaped for winter. It is a wonderful community and what makes it so are the residents. You don't get a lot of extra prims with rents this low, but I believe you won't find anything quite like it any where in SL. Enjoy your visit, feel free to explore and enjoy the amenities and I hope you choose to make it your home! Melody Star
  19. I am on both sides of the fence on this one. It is annoying that I can't show anyone what I am working on if they are not premium, so have to take it to a regular sandbox to do so. On the other hand, this is a benefit I pay for and I like that the sandbox is not full of people getting in my way or someone griefing me when I am there to work. It would be nice if there was some sort of option that a guest could come ONLY if they had a TP sent to them and their access was limited, like they could only be there for so long and they would not be able to build. Maybe some sort of "watcher" like a robot or something that a member could click on if there was a problem with a guest. I don't know...just thinking. The Linden homes are not all that great, but the premium sandboxes to build are worth what I pay.
  20. Anything is possible in SL. I have had a rental property for a little more than a year and it took a good four months to get it off the ground, trying this and that. I offer quality over quantity. They get a very nice home and and a beautiful setting for among the most affordable prices in SL. They get few extra prims. My business has become very successful, but not much of a profit as my prices are low. I work really hard all the time. So if you want people to rent from you, you have to be willing to work hard, take care of any problems asap, offer a good product, experience, etc. If people feel like they are getting good value for their lindens, they can afford to pay your prices, and that their needs are met, then they will rent from you. The biggest hurdle is people finding out that your property even exists. It took me awhile to even get on the "map", but now my best adversting is word of mouth. Make people happy to be there, they will want to tell their friends. Of course no matter how hard you try, there are going to be those you can never make happy. It is a lot of work and a huge commitment. Once started, it is not easy to walk away from, so you need to be really sure you are commited to being a long term landlord. Sims close all the time, but for me, that just isn't an option. Not when people are counting on their home being there and some pay weeks and weeks in advance. If you go about it with a lalala attitude, you will never make it...I swear my avi has sweated blood! Smile. Good luck on you new venture.
  21. Personally, I don't see why it would be unethical. You sell/buy things at resale shops in RL, so why not sell things you don't need in SL? Asking for only half price is reasonable and fair. Asking full price or above, not THAT would be unethical.
  22. This is very sad and I am sorry you are going through this and for the illness of your partner. Do you have any RL information on him so that you can contact a member of his family? If so, maybe you could tell them that you are a friend and are concerned and want to help, etc. Are you friends with him on other social networks like Facebook? If so, maybe you can find out what is going on by haunting his page or the pages of his family. I know a lot of people set it for private, but maybe you can friend some of them. They don't have to know who you are if that could be an issue and in fact, you could even create a new account. Before sending any friend requests, you might want to get some friends on the account and fill in enough info so it doesn't look like it was an account created solely for this purpose. I am assuming you know his real life name? If so, you can try googling it and see if any info comes up, including any obits, as much as I know you hope you don't find anything like that, but at least you would know for certain. It is the uncertainty that is holding you in limbo and until you find out if he is OK or not, it will be difficult for you to have any sort of closure and move on. Even if you manage to find out and it turns out to be the worst case, you will need to allow yourself the time to grieve and know, that could take some time. I wish you luck, and most of all that you find your answers and that eventually, that will bring you peace.
  23. I remember watching it. It was the day after my eleventh birthday and it was amazing. I was in a small town in Oklahoma as my dad was still in Korea. My dad never beleived they went to the moon...but he didn't beleive in dinosaurs either cause the Bible never mentions them. Shakes head. I don't care if this dates me...I am better than ever and my life is the best! Star
  24. They may or may not be considered phrases, but I hate gestures. I really hate that silly laugh gesture that is overused everywhere, especially dance venues. I hate gestures so much, that it has become grounds for banning on my land. I think people overuse them and just can't think of anything intelligent to say, but feel the need to say something, and that is why I have come to hate them so much. :matte-motes-confused: Star
  25. There are quite a few places during the holidays that offer gifts that can be transfered, so there is no reason you shouldn't be able to open gifts together. There will be Christmas stores opening that will have trees, and everything else you will need. There will be places to go to have fun, including sleigh rides and ice skating. I love the holidays in SL!! As we get closer to the holidays you should be able to find plenty of places in Search. Have fun! Star
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