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  1. I use a 22 inch. I would love to have another monitor hooked up, but then I would have to get a bigger desk. Great survey!
  2. People that brag about money are usually very insecure and seem to think that having money somehow makes up for the qualities that are lacking in their character. -or- People who brag about money are trying to make you feel bad for not having it and seem to think it makes them the better person, therefore showing their lack of character.
  3. Welcome back!! I heard about Second Life in 2007 when some friends from another site I belonged to for the Sims 2 (we created content for the game) joined and were talking about making real money there. I was intrigued, but when I logged on, I too had trouble navigating my avatar and was immensely intimidated by the whole thing. I had no idea what to do or where to go, and no one came to take me under their wing, so I just felt lost. My friends were so busy with it, they rarely logged on to our site, so I just gave up on it and continued playing and creating for the Sims 2. August of 2011 a
  4. Misfit21 wrote: is it you? sounds interesting enough to meet No, no not me. I stick my foot in my mouth too much and get grumpy when someone speaks too loudly before my first cup of coffee in the morning. I don't have a shining personality and I am far too shy in crowds to make friends easily. I am good at conversation on a one on one basis, but in a crowd I become terrified and everything I know or have learned flies right out of my head. My tongue grows to twice its size and I end up looking like an idiot. I am talking about people that have that magic spark that no one in their right
  5. I think everyone has known someone at one time or another that has that magical spark. They walk into the room and the whole room lights up. Not just for one person in the room, but for everyone there. They always have a ready smile, a thoughtfulness about them that is so deep it is absolutely natural for them. Everyone loves them and loves being around them. They seem to know everyone and treat everyone like they are their best friend. They never seem unhappy and are always positive. Being around them is so wonderful and such a joy, you hate it when they go. Usually you see this or notice thi
  6. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: Staralien wrote: in the initial post: "The situation: You are in your apartment sharing an intimate moment with a friend and someone cams into your apartment and takes photos of you and then sends them to a third party." in message 26 of this thread: "I said they had an intimate moment in a PG hot tub (I clarified it was PG in a later post and were cuddling, and should have initially)..." in message 57 of this thread "... The incident this thread is about didn't involve sex in any form what so ever, yet people have made it about sex. .." So please stop c
  7. I have a conference room that may serve your needs. I am posting a link to my website for you to check out. We have art gallery space as well as conference/meeting space. It is free of charge and operates on donations and sponsorship. https://sites.google.com/site/lebeautrouve/
  8. Perrie THAT was funny! Thanks so much for the laugh!
  9. Phil Deakins wrote: Ok. Names are still being suggested, so I'm going to make my suggestion. There are many truly nice people in the forum but I'm going to name the one who I gave a clue about in my first post, when I said that she is "sweet". Her name is 16 - sweet 16. I can't recall ever seeing her be anything other than nice (and often humorous). Even when she is writing something negative about someone, she always writes it in a nice and helpful way. This is who I had in mind when I started this thread. 16 is the nicest person here in MHO.
  10. I manage my property with a pretty strict hand and I have staff. If any one not living there tries to rez, I would know about it pretty quickly. A lot of people seem to have trouble joining the group as they have trouble finding the signs, even when they go into the rental office and use the phone in front of it to leave me a message. So joining group appears not to be all that easy even though I have tried to make it so. One land owner suggested that I have designated roles for tenants in group so others that want to be in my group can do so, but not have the same rights as tenants. I furnish
  11. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Staralien wrote: Sometimes I use a male alt to test things as I feel more comfortable testing cuddles and kisses with a male than a female. I could ask male friends I suppose, but guys seem to take things far to serious in SL. :matte-motes-wink-tongue: You could always ask me, Bosslady. I would have no problem cudling with you. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink::matte-motes-evil: You wouldn't find it all that fun. When I am testing something, especially lately when things have broken and nothing I do fixes it, I become frustrated. A frustrated lady is never in your b
  12. Wow. I hadn't even really noticed the ads that much as they really are not intrusive or annoying. Ads bring in revenue. Revenue can only benefit SL., which is a good thing. With so many companies across the world closing and the economy so bad in so many places, kudos to LL for coming up with a way to bring in money rather then ending basic accounts and forcing people to pay or get out, raising tier fees or membership fees, or increasing the amount they take from merchants for allowing them to use their site to sell their stuff. I really hope the ads work for them. For those who don't like i
  13. Malanya, I am not misunderstanding any of the posts. I am just expanding on my thoughts on all of this and just having a "conversation" and I am enjoying the comments and the nice things others are saying about people. I implied I was talking about on person, and in truth I was. But as the postings went on, seems to me it just expanded to include a lot of people. So what is wrong with that? If anyone does try to make anyone feel bad in this thread, well that is on them. I was not referring to this thread in that comment but in postings in the forums in general when some people apear to be atta
  14. Communication on forums or in chat is the hardest way to communicate. Without facial expressions and body language, what we type can be mis-read. As for diversity, I embrace that as I think it takes all kinds of people to make up the world. But often, it is easier to see the bad in people rather than their good qualities. I thought it would be nice to post good things about people for a change rather than having a topic that can be misunderstood or give people a reason to be divided or excluded or to feel bad. But then, I suppose even this one can be mis-understood. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  15. Storm Clarence wrote: One of the nicest, kindest, warmest, intelligent, and sincere people I have ever had the privilege to meet on this forum, and call her a friend, was Sole Demina. PS Too bad I somehow screwed-up that friendship. My loss, and it is a big one. Storm, as long as you are breathing, there is a chance to fix things. Everyone makes mistakes. It is when you learn from them and are sorry that forgiveness can happen.
  16. Drake this is a perfect example of people misunderstanding or missing the point of something. I said nothing about people having sex or using adult things. I said they had an intimate moment in a PG hot tub (I clarified it was PG in a later post and were cuddling, and should have initially) that was photographed by someone else because they broke my rule of not camming into other's apts, and then sent the photos onto a third party. What I needed to know is if this is against TOS, taking photos of avatars without their permision and sharing them with others. Clearly my definition of intamacy
  17. This is wonderful! Everyone saying nice things about others. Perhaps I should have done the He/She in my post, as there are a few nice guys here too.
  18. Sometimes I use a male alt to test things as I feel more comfortable testing cuddles and kisses with a male than a female. I could ask male friends I suppose, but guys seem to take things far to serious in SL. :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  19. Not sure if I can mention who it is by name...but if I can, then I will tell who it is. :matte-motes-big-grin: Always kind and considerate and tries to help without ever being condescending. If everyone could be more like you, the forums...and the world would be a warm and welcoming place. I always appreciate seeing posts by this person as she truly comes off as a wonderful human being, and I have never seen her put anyone down, make fun of anyone, or be mean in any way. People come to the forums looking for help, answers and many are new. Some may be posting for the first time ever in a forum
  20. The maturity rating is Moderate and really has no bearing on this. They were in a PG hot Tub cuddling. The whole point of this is the fact that the other tenant's guest violated MY policy and cammed into the resident's apartment and the proof is the photographs that were taken and then forwarded to a third party. The photos then made their way back to the people that were photographed. All this was in an attempt to cause drama. In any case, the situation has been handled. I needed to know if these actions were the sort that can have an AR turned in. I did not intend to turn in an AR at this t
  21. I have the rules posted in each rental office and in the rental agreement when the apartment (or any of the other variety of homes I offer) is rented. The apartments are stacked, side by side for several stories up. Basically, I am trying to enforce respecting the privacy of others on the honor system. Clearly, not everyone has honor. I realize there is really no such thing as privacy. Even a sky box can be cammed by someone flying by it (have had that issue with my sky boxes as well). I really wanted to know if it is against TOS to send nude photos of other people to third parties. Since our
  22. The situation: You are in your apartment sharing an intimate moment with a friend and someone cams into your apartment and takes photos of you and then sends them to a third party. One of the photos also had the radar screen up, showing other people that were on the sim at the time, thus violating their privacy as well, in my opinion. I know it is against TOS to share other people's RL photos, but what about something like this? For landowners, how would you handle something like this for your tenant? This is the first time I have had to deal with something like this. I sent a warning notice t
  23. I agree that there are other ways to support SL and LL other than paying premium fees. I too donate to places I enjoy as well as getting donations on occasion for my own property. I am also a consumer by buying clothing, products, etc from other people. I am sorry if I offended anyone and I didn't intend to reply to a particular person either and hope this post posts correctly as I intend to just be a part of the general discussion, not reply to a specific person here. I do realize that even basic members can be of support by being consumers, donating, etc. In hindsight, I think we all have so
  24. I am going to put in my two cents at the risk of getting grieved over it. I keep hearing and seeing how people refuse to give a dime to LL, and yet you want to use their service for your own pleasure and gain. One reason I am a premium member, is I bought land, and so had to have the premium membership, but also, I feel it is important to help support a service that without any support from people who use it, would eventually have to shut down. It amazes me how many people seem to think LL owes them something for allowing them to use their services for free. I know it isn't perfect, but what i
  25. I have dealt with them for the past year and a half, only I don't pay for advertising. The benefit they have been for me is that my rental business has been reviewed several times. I would follow up with another email/contact with them and give them some time to respond. People get busy or have other issues in their life that may make them slow to respond. Good luck! I hope it all works out.
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