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  1. This is so sad. I agree with Phil and Darius. I really feel for that poor man. I hope he doesn't end up needing therapy. In that case, you should consider paying for it. Deception is never OK, no matter what it may be. If you are going to RP, in my opinion, you should have been up front about it. There are enough people in SL that would be OK with it, so you could have easily moved on to another when realizing this poor gentleman wasn't.
  2. Faye Feldragonne wrote: Thanks for thus thoughtful response. I really connected with it. I have one new friend, but I'm not good anymore at making friends. Before I became a merchant Ifound friends easier, but after years of being a merchant and holed up in a Sky box working, I've changed. . I have been really hurt by girlfriends in Second life. And one partner. I'm afraid to put myself out there. You gave me a lot to think about. I understand as I tend to get so involved in my own creative process. Fortunately, I do have several friends that insist on chatting with me or spen
  3. I too got burned out. I used to have a very successful rental business I ran for about 3 years. Then I had a heart attack and it became increasingly difficult to log on and be faced with problems or people wanting two hour tours and all the other things that come with running a business. I had to bow out for my own health and healing. I did continue with my furniture store that I had for free on a dear friend's sim and still have today, as well as the Market Place. That didn't require constant babysitting. As I got stronger, I started logging in more and because it is my nature, I really conce
  4. Well I was excited about it. SL on my tablet? Oh YEAH!! I almost always use my tablet when I am away from home rather than my lap top and being able to access SL with it would be wonderful! But the pricing , a little too steep for my budget so not likely to ever use it. Doesn't cost me anything to just take a laptop along on out of town visits and as far as local excursions, I guess I will just continue using my tablet for the things I currently use it for. I wonder just how successful it will be since to use it, you have to pay for it.
  5. This happened to me before and somehow, the settings had gotten changed. I just had to reset the water back to default (or any other setting you want) and it should solve the problem. Well eventually anyway. It took several times for it to finally take for me. :matte-motes-grin:
  6. The first time I discovered SL was in 2007 and I probably stayed all of ten minutes as I felt very overwhelmed and had no idea what to do or where to go. In 2011 a FB friend had a post about SL so I clicked on it not realizing it was the same thing as in 2007. This time, things just seemed to click for me a little better and somehow I landed at a karoke lounge. By this time I was all of two days old, but still in newbie skin...but I had managed to pick up a lovely dress. Unfortuately, I still walked like a duck whcih must have given me away to the owner as he IM'd me and helped me tremendously
  7. Welcome to Second Life! Yes, there is a huge learning curve to overcome before you get really comfortable with your avatar and moving about. Practice makes perfect and give yourself plenty of time. As for art, I suggest you explore galleries and museums as the art community is quite large and active in Second Life. It would be a good idea to see what others are doing and what is possible to do. You can put in key words in the search to find art galleries and current exhibits. Gallery openings are a good place to meet other artists, curators, and others interested in art. They usually adverti
  8. Sorry you are having such a hard time finding people to talk to and finding places to go. Not every place is adult in nature, and I too would rather not go to places like that, so I understand. You just have to be persistent in looking. The Destination Guide can be helpful in finding places to go. It is true the world can be lonely in some places as there seems to be no one about. One thing you can do is look for newbie friendly places to visit. You can use the key word in search and I think there is actually a tab in the Destination Guide for newbies. These places you will find new people li
  9. Welcome to Second Life! As others have said, it is a virtual world. It is your second life and can be modeled after your first life, or be anything else you want it to be. it isn't a game, though some people call it that, but a way to meet people from all across the planet and socialize by chatting. There are numerous music venues you can visit to listen to music and dance, there are art galleries and museums, there is shopping, amusement parks; there are so many different kinds of sims, all waiting for you to explore. In fact, that is the best thing to do to learn what SL is all about, get ou
  10. Just like in real life, you have to pay monthly (or weekly) payments to someone. You can buy land through Linden Lab or a private seller, but you still have to pay monthly fees. There just isn't any way around it. No matter where the home is, it still takes up space on the Lnden Lab servers, and someone has to pay. You can pay them directly or you can pay someone else for the use of their home or land and THEY have to pay Linden lab the tier fees. The only way you will ever have a home in Second life is to pay for it and keep paying for it as long as you have the home/land. It is possible you
  11. iCade wrote: Prices are fantastic, costumer service is fantastic, and it's complete outfits with everything being in world as it is on their vendors. I love that store The prices ARE fantastic and worth it just to get the purses, shoes, and accessories! Thanks for sharing.
  12. I have been working on my avatar since the beginning. There is always better stuff coming out and as designers get more experience, their designs get better as well. I have been in SL for 2 years and recently gave myself a new makeover and purchased a new skin/shape, hair and wardrobe. I really love mesh, so pretty much everything about my avatar is mesh these days. I prefer a sophisticated and stylish look, so I am always looking for good designs in clothing, shoes, and accessories. Accessories are important in pulling a look together, and recently I have been an avid purse/bag hunter to comp
  13. I had a simillar issue a few months back. My avatar was stuck at my home and could not TP anywhere. Most times when I would try, I would even crash. My contact lists for friends and groups was blank. Even someone IMing me didn't work, and I could not IM anyone since I had no friends list to pick anyone. I couldn't send a note card either. It was like I was alone in SL. On top of that, my avatar was messed up. I was wearing two hairs, outfits, shoes. I could walk around my own home, but that was all I could do. I tried different viewers, and it was the same in each. I re-installed, and that di
  14. Sephina Frostbite wrote: Thank you everyone for your kind words. I means a lot to me. Its been hard. I lost my sister and my best friend. StarAlien Thank you for sharing your experience. I dont feel pressure to hurry up and get over it now. Took me a long time to get over my fathers death and some people dont understand the pain they cause when they say, "Youre still sad about it, how long has it been.? Isnt it time to move on?" Unfortunately there will be people that will want to hurry up your grieving proccess. Maybe they have never lost someone close to them before or they don't fe
  15. Hobo Amusement Park is fun and free. There are tons of rides and other wierd and crazy things to do. The owner is always building new things too. There are donation objects scattered about if you feel so inclined to donate, but it isn't required. I always try to donate though as the entertainment is so worth it. It is always more fun to go with friends. Be sure and check out the scuba diving and the spaceport while you are there. Have fun!
  16. I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a sister is not easy. I lost my sister and best friend almost 14 years ago and I still feel the pain of her loss. Right now you are in the beginning stages of grief and it is hard, I know. In time it will get easier, but it does take time. The grieving proccess is different for everyone, and no one can tell you when you will feel better. For me, at first it was every day that I cried. I felt her loss so accutely. Two years later i was still crying about once a week...a song on the radio, a sudden memory. I still feel the pain and I miss her so much, but than
  17. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Trinity Yazimoto wrote: Madelaine McMasters wrote: I don't think I've ever claimed in this thread that one can be mind raped in SL. As I said, nothing here comes close. But I am allowing for a future in which significant harm can be delivered virtually. To proclaim that it can't ever happen is, I think, dangerous. The ethics of such futures are already being discussed. Evidence suggests that a single administration of psilocybin can have life-long effects. There is also growing evidence that virtual experiences can have effects similar to hallucinogenic
  18. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Ceka Cianci wrote: i just can't see it as possible at all to recreate something so tramatic and violent and invasive and soul leeching.. just leaving you dead inside and out.. i can't see a cybor rape leading daymares and nightmares and to years of therapy.. i just cannot grasp it being possible.. A few years ago, I wouldn't have believed that you could deliver a spiritual epiphany in a pill... a single pill. But there is mounting evidence that psilocybin (the active psychotropic ingredient in magic mushrooms) can have that effect. We're learning whic
  19. Here's a can of worms I just opened: If your avatar is raped, (if such a thing were possible to do against your will) can you prosecute the person in real life? Should you be able to? Rape is a violent act, and in this case it would be basically raping someone's mind. Mind rape.
  20. What this person did WAS theft, plain and simple. Just because it was virtual currency doesn't excuse him from the theft. As far as the currency used in SL, if someone got access to my account and disposed of my lindens, it would be theft as they can be turned into real money. Even if they can't, they still have value in SL, just as this person's virtual currency had value in her game. Theft is theft, and it is never a waste of anyone's time to make someone pay for doing the crime.
  21. I have been very blessed to have made friends with people from all over the planet that I would have never met if it were not for SL. Some of my friends have become so dear to me, the loss of them would hurt just as much as losing a RL friend. And I have laughed and cried over things that happen in SL. I have been fortunate to be able to have land and a successful rental business that I would never be able to accomplish in my RL. This has given me considerable satisfaction. Creativity: I also have a furniture/decor business and it is so much fun creating new things and seeing them sell becau
  22. I have two alts. The first is a male I created within a month of joining SL just for the fun of it. He has been very useful when things seem to break and I need to test things around my property. He is much more convenient than asking someone to help me, and he keeps his emotions in check and I don't have to worry about him getting the wrong idea just cause we had a cuddle or two. Recently I have started making animated furniture, so he has really been handy helping me set up couple poses. The second is a female I created a few months ago when my account was messed up for three days and I cou
  23. Greed is not what motivates me to have several businesses in SL. My rental property pays the tier...no profit. What I do there benefits others far more than it does me in that I offer affordable, beautiful housing at very low cost. There is no where that offers all that I do for what they pay. I have a furniture store and I spend as much as I make in creating the stuff. Maybe one day it will make a small profit, but doubtful as again, I offer quality at low prices and low prims. I don't appreciate anyone calling me or others greedy because we choose to run a business in SL. It is the people
  24. I clearly need to get out more. :matte-motes-big-grin: Seriously, congrats on your engagement and upcoming marriage and as others have said, now you know who your real friends are NOT. Move on and be happy with your love.
  25. That is what I said...the ones who get along best keep their opinions to themselves...they keep their mouths shut and never speak what is on their minds.
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