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  1. If you read the first post, you'd know my computer model and specs, and that I use Intel HD Graphics, not ATI or Nvidia... and I used Toshiba's site to update it, as Intel's updater wouldn't let me update, seeming to know my system isn't compatable. Toshiba's update was only a couple months old (6/21/11), so I thought that'd be enough, but I guess not. Also, in my last post, I did try v2.8.3, and it didn't work, but I'll try Pheonix and Firestorm and see how they work. EDIT: Yay, Pheonix worked for me
  2. Ahh, I see. Well, I didn't know that, I just downloaded the default version, plus I didn't upgrade, this computer never had SL before. Anywho, I did a test, and it said that I got a DL bandwidth of around 4.578 Mbps, and a UL bandwidth of around 915 Mbps. I think 4-5 Mbps is enough for SL, don't you? but I'll uninstall V3 and try V2 to see if that works Edit: Well, I managed to find a v2.8.3 install file on the wiki, and installed it... no change at all. Same issue.
  3. Hi, I just installed SL v3.0.0 earlier this morning, and I've been having some issues with it. To start off, I wanna note that I am using a Toshiba Sattelle C655-S5128, with an Intel i3-380M procressor (2.53 Ghz, 2 cores, 3 MB cache), Mobile Intel HM55 Express chipset, Mobile Intel HD graphics, and 4 GB of RAM with Windows 7 x64, and I have updated all the drivers to the best of my ability already. Earlier this morning, before I updated my drivers I might add, I downloaded and ran SL v3.0.0 up of your website, and ran it once it finished installing. Upon logging in and running in Basic Mode, it ran VERY slow... it took probably 10 minutes before I was able to see anything more then land and grey shapes, and for my character to properly load, but even then, I wasn't able to see half of the stuff properly. I was able to move, interact and chat, but everything was extremely slow, and after a bit of chatting and 30 minutes of this extremely slow choppy activity, I closed the window to switch into Advanced mode to adjust some graphic settings, only when I tried to run it again, it loaded a bit and was detecting my hardware and gave the message: "Graphics Initialization Failed. Please Update your Graphics Drivers." After since going to Toshiba.com and getting the latest Graphics, Sound, Chipset and Harddrive drivers, I still get the same message. I cannot find the log files either, and I have tried, but I don't have a Documents and Settings folder, so I'm not sure where to look. Please help.
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