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  1. Thanks a lot for the replies, now I feel I definetly got a better understanding for some of the process. I went on to check the import plugins you mentioned though his page said it didnt support win7 yet for maya users. Is there an alternative way to get the rig/standard AV into maya to get a simple start from there?
  2. Hey here in the forum, first post for me I think. Just decided to get into the mesh game but so far after looking through info and help about it I cant help but stand a bit... dumbstruck? I've studied game art for three years now and have been using Maya for about five, but there seem to be sparse information about using that program for these purposes, so heres a couple of questions: 1. Does a Avatar made for SL have to conform to the skeleton the default AV have or can it be deformed in Maya to follow the shape of the new model? 2. Tied into the last, will the new Skeleton require all new an
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