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  1. I for one want to take a moment to thank you for this post. I had really been struggling with this issue and your post was clear and precise. It also helped me that you included visuals. The woman who asked the question has major issues. She certainly does not act like any "business woman" I have known and I have known many. And if she were a business woman of any worth, she would already know how to protect her intellectual property. Please don't let her total lack of manners and business decorum get you down. I for one am very thankful.
  2. I think this is a very good idea and I like the suggestion already stated of putting a sub-category in Collectibles, because that is what gachas really are. People buy, sell and most importantly trade gacha items. It is sad that the only category anyone wants them to be in carries the stigma of the word USED. Before I got involved in Gachas, I just recently returned to SL after a long illness, I would never even open search results in the USED Item category because of the feeling the word gives. As for the earlier poster who so bitterly described gachas as used, no they are resale, not used. Resale items are new, with or without tag items. It is not lingerie that has been worn a dozen times then thrown on a flea-market table. Gacha resell is a great way for people who, in RL, cannot afford a 3,000L+ bed because they live on limited incomes, The items are in most cases exquisitely designed. And are a very positive affect on inworld and marketplace economy. Are there issues that need to be resolved, yes...but becoming bitter does not solve problems. Cooperation, communication and courtesy does. As for the Gacha seller who did not understand, after an hour of discussion, well your just can't fix stupid. But being a part of the Gacha seller community, I will state emphatically that they fall into that 1-5% that any and every category has. Just my humble opinion.
  3. You know, I come online and game to get away from schedules, pressure, clocks. Recently I upgraded to the Phoenix Firestorm viewer. Its a change...many good new features. But after struggling or over three hours to find a way to turn off the stupid time stamps in my local and IM conversations, I joined a group on Firestorm to ask how to do it. Imagine my surprise when I find out the LL, in its infinite wisdom, has shoved one more thing down my throat. Seems there is NO way to turn that off. How stupid. I know what time it is, if I want to know when someone sent a message great. But frankly, having the time given to me every single time i type a line of text. is ANNOYING. It ruins the feel of rp. It is the RL world shoved down my throat when I simply want time away from it. PLEASE quit making these sorts of things default. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE quit making them mandatory.
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