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  1. Can I transfer the items in my inventory as well?
  2. I created a "boyfriend" for my avatar. It runs great. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  3. When I signed up for SL I picked my user name not knowing others would be able to see it. My character name is right above it, but I don't want to walk around with my user name so everyone can see it. Is it possible to either change it or make it so others can't see it?
  4. I thought about creating another account for that reason, but, I only have one comp. Can I run 2 accounts on one comp?
  5. Thank you for the advice. I'll deffinatly put that on my profile.
  6. Thank you for your reply. I am in a RL relationship and we've talked about me rping. He's even seen me play and I play on my laptop in the family room so he can watch anytime. He has set boundries (no simulated sex, ect.) that I completley understand. I don't hide anything from him. Truthfully, if I could create a "boyfriend" bot, I would lol. We can create babies in SL, why not boyfriends? lol
  7. I guess what I'm trying to ask is, with so many people taking SL relationships so seriously, is it considered impolite to have an RP romance with no real feelings involves on my end. Or is that cruel? On one hand, it's just a game and you have to assume you know nothing of the person behind the toon. I use this upproach in WoW although I am 99% sure I know who my good guildie friend is, I have to assume on some level she isn't who ahe says she is. And that's ok. It wouldn't bother me that a 20 yr old blonde toon is really some 55 year old fat guy. On the other hand, I have to underst
  8. I was wondering if this is considered "wrong": I am extremely new to SL. I play World of Warcraft and my guildies keep talking about it, so I figured "why not?" so far, it's fun, but really glitchy. Anyway, one of my guildies was talking about thier SL relationship like it was real. Like, they were really dating. I thought it woukd be cool to have a SL romance, but not on that level. I RP, so my toon is NOTHING like me. Is it ok to just RP a romance and not give out personal details and stuff? I'm not looking for a RL relationship. Or are people on here for a RL relationsh
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