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  1. Hi, I am here to offer you an opportunity. I am interested in modeling YOUR designs. However here's how I can help YOU. For a small price plus your clothes, shoes, ect I will go to different locations and events wearing your items. How would this help you? Well by wearing your items to an event someone is bound to ask where I got something. So what I would do is pass them a note card with slurls to your stores along with the names of the product their looking for. So how much would this cost you for me to advertise your products? Not much at all. I'm only asking for between 500 and 1000 per week! $1,000L is only $4.33us If you're interested please contact me asap and fyi I'm male in both sl and rl. Thanks SalemEmberstone
  2. I will drop you a note card in world.
  3. I am looking for somebody to help me co-write a new machinima series in second life. I am trying to develop a teen drama series in the vein of Skins and Degrassi. Please contact me asap if you'd like to help out.
  4. I am developing an in-wolrd machinima series and need a co-writer. Please contact me in world if you are interested.
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