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  1. Thank you all for your answers. Sadly, i don't know how to build my own PC. I'd rather put few more money to make sure it's already done. I guess you can call me lazy, ha! About the FPS. I know that i can expect low fps on a sim badly managed. Sims never restarted, and such. In my roleplay, people watch their scripts, the sim is restarted often. It's usually not laggy. I should be able to get good FPS to fight then?
  2. Hi all. I have a quick and simple question. I plan on buying a new PC soon. Which would be alienware x51. I like to play different games, and i heard it was good. It would be with the I7-3770 and the GTX 660. I believe. I seen few videos on youtube of people with the PC on games such as SWTOR or battlefield 3. They had no lag even in max settings. Question is. Do you think it would be good for a game like second life? I like to roleplay and fight as well. How much FPS do you think i would get with this? Looking forward to see your answers. :]
  3. Well, i will sound a bit noob. But well. What's DNS ? lol!
  4. Alright. I tried what you said and checked the few boxes. Hardware skinning one is always grey and i cannot check it.. Is there any ways to fix this issue?
  5. Hello, Marigold : Thank you for answering me, dear. Color is fixed . I'm currently using Phoenix viewer [ Mesh version. ] Carl : Hello, dear. Sure thing. And i tested a lot of different mesh viewers. Such as Firestorm, Viewer 3, Exodus, etc. Nothing. I don't understand what happened, it used to works perfectly still a few months ago. [3-4 months.]
  6. Hello, I'm having a huge issue with mesh. In the past, i was perfectly able to see it, even though my computer is not really powerful. But i was stil able to see meshes things. And recently, it stopped to works.. Just like that, one day when i logged no meshes worked. I changed nothing on my computer. I'm not sure what's going on, but i bought few mesh things and i would like to see them :/. When i'm wearing a mesh item, it appear invisible. I only see the alpha layer coming with the mesh. Sometimes i see the mesh hairs on the ground, even though it's attached on my head. (lol). Then it disappear again. I must admit that i'm lost, i'm trying everything since few months. I tried a lot of different viewers, but nothing. I tried few things, such as clean installation, but still nothing. Anyone already got the same problem? How can i fix it? [ Please understand, my computer is not really what i could call a powerful computer, but i was able to see mesh until now. I know i can see mesh with it, i just don't understand why it suddently stopped. ] Looking forward for help. _ Illyriana. [ English not my main language, forgive me. ]. I already tried to post but nobody answered me, hope i'll havemore luck now. Help is really needed.
  7. Fast update : The owner answered to me and sent it to me. So all is fine, i hope it will be good for you as well.
  8. Hello. Yes, i just bought something at 400l$. I lost the money but nothing came. The creator is online but is not answering, i'm so angry. Anyways. I checked the Second life Grid Status report :[Resolved] Marketplace Deliveries and Login Issues Posted by Status Desk on August 26th, 2011 at 07:35 am PDT [Resolved 7:55AM PDT, 26 August 2011]The Marketplace issues have been solved. [Posted 7:30AM PDT, 26 August 2011] We are currently experiencing difficulties with the Marketplace. Some residents may be unable to login or receive deliveries from the marketplace at this time. We are working to resolve this issue and will update you here with further information. Not really fixed apparently. I really hope the money will come back, or the items.
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