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  1. I actually figured it out. Vcredist whatever it is was not installed. When I installed it (because avast wouldn't work) suddenly second life had no more memory leaks So a note to anyone experiencing my problem, make sure you install vcredist. (c++ runtime 2008 or something like that)
  2. Okay, so second life has been a pain in my backside for a very long time now. My system specs are: Core i7 920 6gb ddr3 ram GTX 550ti tons of hard drive space And this is a good system, able to run many things at max. However, second life has always seemed to hate it. It drove me so crazy that I finally broke down and reinstalled windows. Now, however, its worse! It runs beautifully.. for five minutes. Then crashes. Why? What appears to be a memory leak. The second life process starts off at 260mb usage, then climbs rapidly over the course of a few minutes to 1.4-1.5gb, then the window dissapears. I'm really not sure what to do. Its a clean install as of about 30 minutes ago, and this was literally the first piece of software I installed after updating and putting on drivers. What gives?
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