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  1. Dont miss your chance to snag this beautiful parcel in the best location on the grid. Quagmire sim is very close distance to blake sea! A sailors dream!! Come make this your home it wont last !! come check it out!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Quagmire/113/241/25 Currently priced at 48.2/m2 Any questions or offers please message Marco Corleone
  2. Dont miss your chance. One of the largest ocean fronts available right now on the market direct acess to blake sea . About 25 sims sailing does not take long have done it many times. There is very little land available right now near blake take advantage of this awesome plot! Come check it out . Great view and quiet area! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Slithert/124/235/22 Priced at 45.2 a meter! !! Any questions feel free to message me!
  3. Want to be part a upscale community surrounded by amazing landscape with each parcel having great privacy. We feature 8 unique plots that allow the renter full rights to the land ! We just converted the sim into Winter and it looks amazing! We offer great prices per prim on the sim with 24 hour customer service always available . We are not a big company im a one man show! Plots have a sample home on them but you are welcome to rez your own home if it fits theme. Come check this out you wont be disappointed. Come check out the sim its all white for winter! Any questions feel free to message Marco Corleone
  4. The sim is now Winter come check out this beautiful place parcels are available for rent at a great price!!!
  5. This place features 8 beautiful plots available for rent with plenty of prim per linden! Among the beautifully parceled plots is a beautiful centrally located park with amazing water falls. This place has a community feel with Mediterranean landscape. The owner has spent alot of time on this place to make a unique experience for all ! This property will also turn to snow so if you want to experience the seasons this is the place for you . The plots have few homes for show but you are welcome to rez your own ! Each plot gives you full rights to do as you wish! Come by and check us out we are recently added to the destination guide also! We are currently at 75 percent capacity with 3 more plots to go ! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alberobello/118/141/36 Any questions feel free to let me know !
  6. Great Plots still available are you wanting that community type feel where you live come be part of something special . 3 rented and 5 more available!!
  7. Just finished creating this unique sim featuring 8 rental plots the perfect size for your home . Each plot is parceled off at about 5200 m each but I do offer a prim amount of 2000 prim per plot. Water ways separate the plots to make them very private. Each plot does offer full rights and you are free to landscape as you wish as long as it fits theme . Also each plot has a wall around the property and a front gate like a real community. This sim has 4 corner plots priced at 2199 and then 1999 for non corners with the 2000 prim each . This sim is not an ordinary private region rental sim each plot will need to abide by the covenant and Mediterranean theme to keep everything uniform. Each rental meter is located at the front of each lot on the mail box. You wont be disappointed! I spent a great deal of time making this special for all and hope you enjoy it . I do not imagine these lots staying available long. If you want to live in an upscale community that has a great theme this is for you! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alberobello/104/102/28 Please contact me anytime in world . I also do receive offline messages Marco Corleone
  8. Are you on peoples posts to complain about pricing if its to expensive for you move on or ill report you for posting nothing useful. You obviously know nothing about pricing . If you look around bay city you will see its the cheapest parcel for moderate rating.
  9. There is room for negotiation and yes its worth 150k its priced under what its worth for a corner
  10. lmao 500k your kidding right a non gf lol come down to reality . 2000 usd plus transfer this is hilarious
  11. Unique Corner plot for sale so much can be done with the teraform use your imagination. One of the rare sims that you are able to obtain 40 plus or minus . This also has Sunrise view this is the perfect corner plot come check it out!! Make your own island get creative heres your chance!! Message Marco Corleone with questions http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Purple/237/64/21
  12. This is a bay city where you will find double prim plots. This parcel is priced to sell it is the cheapest around for moderate sim rating. Come grab it before its gone enjoy nice canal view !!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bay City - Morton/11/219/25 Any questions message Marco Corleone
  13. Amazing landscaped by professionals and best of SL. I am willing to sell this with landscape or rent this property. It is 1/4 with 5625 prim! Here you will find your self very close distance to the beautiful belleseria. This can be emptied for the new buyer or I can sell with landscape. This is a great location dont miss your chance this property is priced to sell quick!!! Come check it out! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Goun/66/179/32
  14. Professionally landscaped by two of Second Life best Albane Claray and Loup Allen . Dont miss your chance to check out this forest home with ocean access. Beautiful surroundings wild life and mother nature. Come make this your own the property is for rent as well as for sale . Weekly rate for this 1/4 sim is 4250 wk. Total prim count is 5625 minus the landscape. The home is also furnished but you can always make it your own. This is a very private 1/4 the surroundings are very peaceful with no sky boxes to be seen. Any questions feel free to message Marco Corleone . This wont last dont miss out ! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//66/179/32
  15. Why are they allowed to relocate a sim to connect to Blake Sea but the public isnt ?
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