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  1. Helderotto Andel

    How do i do to share photos in my profile?

    i want to share my pics
  2. Helderotto Andel

    how can i enable mesh in Exodus viewer?

    I can't see mesh in Exodus
  3. Helderotto Andel

    how do i delete a group what i created?

    i want to delete a group what i created
  4. i'd like to sell items created by my gf in my marketplace
  5. I staid three years away from Second Life and got surprised of seeing users without last name
  6. Se pensarmos bem Second Life não é baseado em competição, nem em objetivos, nem em desafios, ou seja, não tem as características básicas de um jogo.
  7. Helderotto Andel

    How do I create a forum?

    I want to create a forum but i dont know how to