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  1. I'll remember the brow trick if it happens again. Thanks. Audrey
  2. okay! It worked. I had to go back to the basic avatar to get myself to show up. Took me all day to find my outfit....... back to the drawing board. Thanks for your help Van and Pam.
  3. If you mean exiting and loging back in, I already tried that. I also tried deleting and reinstalling the program. That didn't work either. Also set my preferences back to defalt settings. It has to be something I set accidentally within the program ( i think) but not sure what. Oh! Forgot, some of the places I visited also had a few light orbs floating around, but most of the sims looked fine. Thanks for replying. I'm gonna be glued to this message board until I figure this out. lol Thanks for replying. Audrey165
  4. Please.....if anyone knows how to correct an avatar, I'd appreciate it. Seems as if other sims can see me, but to myself, I look like an orb of light. Can this be corrected? Just started a few hours ago. I'd really like to get going but it's hard when I look like a ghost. :( Thanks Audrey165
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