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  1. Both payment option and tutorial are still pink colour. ! and a half week now im waiting with patient....Please i need a fix .I can see billing info and i can buy linden if i want to,but it doesnt show on mesh status.And with the tutorial i went through one more time it says congurations but when i click on mesh status still pink as well.Thanks for trying help me.But i guess my account bugged (
  2. I dont become green too,i have payment info red even the billing info says i have it,and mesh tutorial 10/10 but still not green ,,,waiting for 4 days now:((( Anyone knows a fix,i am not premium could be why?
  3. Hello again...I am waiting for 3 days now with Enshe resident.Then i have tried with defne larnia it turned green right away,however i would like to use enshe resident for mesh uploads since i dont use defne larnia anymore.i have the same paypal info with both avatars thanks...
  4. I have the same problem,pls i need help,i have set my payment info did 10/10 with the tutorial,it just doesnt show up....
  5. I have the same problem age registered,payment info added took the test says 10/10 but it does not show on mesh upload status.If a Linden sees this pls help....
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