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  1. Thank you! 💖 Here's the SLURL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sweet Tooth/199/61/1005
  2. I feel like the cutest elf in the world. 😍
  3. I bought the LAQ Noelle 300L promo head today and I kinda love it.
  4. I got into the crystal heart event finally and made a magical girl.
  5. @Syo Emerald It looks like it's from the plastik's Araxxis gacha at the lootbox event. n.n
  6. Finally visited a sim I've been meaning to look at and decided to plop down and take a picture.
  7. I like the utilizator head because there are a ton of mods for it. Also a lot of people end up hanging out in the sim where their store is located.
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