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  1. Well, hmmmm...after a lot of forethought and preponderance, I have only one statement to this proposed happenstance...and that is...WOO HOOO! AND WOOT! BRING IT ON! I AM COUNTING THE DAYS! YAY!!! oops, that is about five statements actually
  2. And what a ride its gonna be! Happy landings everybody...I for one am so excited I love learning new stuff!
  3. You can buy gestures from many places, in fact many gestures; so many that you will do better to just use the search enter "gestures" though, I got plenty from just traveling around; there are too many gestures and places to buy and/or otherwise acquire them, for me to list here..I hope this helps. BTW if I have misunderstood the question in someway, please let me know and I apologize for it. See I am just two weeks old. I just seen no answer to your querie and wanted so much to help
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