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  1. I did it and it worked, thank you very much for your answers. it got better
  2. Would there be any video on youtube that exemplifies this? how could I do? I am a layman in Blender and I know the basics. And thanks for replying.
  3. Can anyone help me with a question? Well, I'm working on a bento beard and when creating the texture, the part of the beard that I did not apply texture gets appearing and coming into conflict with the skin. Does anyone know how I can solve this using Blender? Here is a photo of the problem: I applied the solidify for the texture to appear on the other side, but even then the part that has no texture stays that way ...
  4. Aquila Kytori & Chic Aeon I was able to do with solidify enabled!! Your help was very good. I've really been able to solve the problem, both tips are good, thanks for your time and help.
  5. Aquila Kytori You're just great. That was it. I removed the mod solidify and did it again and now it worked!!! But how do I do this using mod solidify? I like the effect it causes thank you very much, you saved my life! haha
  6. I applied two mods, to Solidify and Subdivision Surface. Could it be that? And it's true, there are faces below. Did you unravel the mystery? How can I solve this?
  7. Nothing done, I cut the arms, sleeves, the parts that need to be done. But it continues with this pixelated effect. I made that shirt from my own body. I did not it front and then the back and turned on the vertices. It was made from the body and then I gave a ctrl D and P and created it and then began to sculpt. Do you believe this could be the cause? The way I did it? And thanks for the videos and for your time.
  8. For about two weeks I learned and met the blender, some details (like this one) may sound silly, but that confused me. I've tried many and I'm not meeting, I do not want to have to give up now lol I'll try what you've explained lol
  9. I'm learning to create mesh models, some things I do the map and bake correctly, but in my last shirt this has happened, for what reason? Is it by the number of faces or verts? It ends in this way and not how it has to be, how to correct it? 1 -
  10. I emailed support, but I wonder if in these cases is to get the money back? 5.500 L
  11. larger image: http://i1104.photobucket.com/albums/h333/brucedragon/1-3.jpg
  12. Well, three images with the creative process, the basic... Use the 3D Studio Max 2010 - FBX 2009.4 And after applying the skin modifier and not save it crashes. Is it the version of the FBX? be less than the version of 3ds max? NOTE: I've managed to save a mesh ready. Only crashes when I create a mesh my
  13. I use windows xp in documents and settings is not
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