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  1. one of my groups will not load. A few days ago i was able to send a message to the group but since then it will not load members or anything. i also noticed that in firestorm viewer, that the groups name is the only one in grey on my list. fb53f9c5-2d02-3269-f292-29d9a3018687 is the group key. can anyone please help?
  2. YOU SO ROCK!! CONGRATS ON THE PIC! It is amazing! Creepy and beautiful! proud of you! MK
  3. Sliken doesnt need buddies to cause trouble. She is pretty skilled.
  4. Taylor Flanagan, hush your lying mouth! THAT is my biggest challenge in Octoberville! Dealing with you three!!! lol
  5. @Graydirk Lol. we love to joke and leave lil surprises and tricks and treats all over the sim Fans from many years will appreciate the inside jokes
  6. Hmmm...good question Meryet! The most challenging for me is just coming up with new layouts, design, tricks, traps and puzzles to keep it feeling fresh. This year especially...I really wanted a different...feel. Like a more realistic, more detailed, more depth feel with lots of spots to inspire people to take photos and create movies. MK
  7. BIG TAY LUV UP IN THE OVILLE! :matte-motes-inlove:
  8. My favorite thing about Octoberville is all of the friends that I have made and the people that come each year to show their love and support and just have a great time celebrating halloween!! To all of you, much love!!! You have sincerely shown us your love over the years and we cannot thank you enough!! Master Kaos
  9. The cool night wind causes the trees to shiver their leaves in the spooky little farm town of Octoberville. Once again the mysterious village returns for it's seventh year for Trick or Treaters, Autumn Lovers and Mystery Solvers to celebrate Halloween in Second Life. Octoberville offers a beautifully colorful and creepy autumn wonderland for residents to come play in for free. Pick up a flashlight and explore the town and solve its mysteries, involving the mad Professor Dalton. There are games to play, puzzles to solve, pumpkins to pick, marshmallows to toast, haunted houses, hayrides and much
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