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  1. Looking for a decent SL gf hit me up in world. I am very goal oriented, I own a club and working on a home leasing business. hit me up :)
  2. Hey SL We have a skybox for rent.... House on the skybox will be the yours, you may only edit the globe's graphics to suit your style. The house has a sex carpet, and a sex bed.... Check it at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lionheart%20Ahadi/208/222/3004 Message me in game at WhiteRabbit88 The price will be negotiable, best offer... weekly price is a must
  3. Club Pink! Looking for a general manager...for a active club. The general manager is responsible operations and hiring of all staff. DJs, Host/ess, Dancers. This person will be required to hire 3 managers, DJ Manager, Host Manager, Dancer Manager. Please contact me inworld at WhiteRabbit88 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lionheart%20Ahadi/188/222/28
  4. I have land that has a bit of extra space for a long narrow 2 story building that I'd like to rent out... The best thing about it is you feed off my visitors since the land is shared by a club. Here is the screen shot of the land. Again; 250L / Week 500 Prims You will ONLY recieive the land behind the club not the club.
  5. We are a club located on the mainland. We are looking for over 20 people to fill these positions: DJs (Experienced) Dancers Managers (General Manager, Dance, and DJ manager) All positions are based on tip salary, If we have a lot of donations over what we need all donations would be split up to all staff, monthly. If you are interested contact me at WhiteRabbit88 or the co-owner at Darklight87. Events we will be taking part of: Foam Night, Karaoke Night.
  6. I am having the same issue passed the test and have payment info on file...... Can someone please enable me thank you!
  7. Okay what about the back? It gets crunched up i the middle of the logo
  8. I am haing a problem making shirts that won't distorte the logo on a female's chest and back, any help? I'm using photoshop
  9. Looking tgo start a biz in second life full of freebies and paid merchandise. Looking for reasonably priced rent and a busy area
  10. it would be various clothes, sripts, and tats
  11. Looking for medium size flat for commercial store out of... Here is the trick though I want to setup the store and I will be able to pay on Friday(my next paycheck... I would like a busy location, thanks.
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