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  1. you can still go but your avatar might get bald, or fat, who knows..
  2. do not ask how you can get a girlfriend, ask if you deserve one 🤔
  3. Sadly, events, big advertising groups and blogs cover mostly the big brands, the ones who affort to spend for advertising. If a new creator open a small shop inwold, you might never find it.I don't think exist in a blog post or a notice in an advertising group for a small new shop with only few items.If they open a shop In marketplace to, is more easy.Just do a search with "newest first " and there is a chance to find new shop.
  4. I bet Kim Jong Un is online at this hour,
  5. Sorry to make you wait.I was busy with my fantasies
  6. The fact you don't know a ***** about me and my real life experiences ( and of others who liked my joke) and labeled me after just one comment line tell me a lot about you too.I do not support real life forced sex experience, any kind of them and, from my view, death penalty for proved rapists is ok.The point of the joke was not to make fun of the victims but to show how pathetic are some of the 'rapists' in SL. And my fantasies are my own, and is no one *****ing business ( and i am not alone in this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_fantasy lot of ***** affects people ever
  7. Can i meet this guy? Most of my rapists give up in few minutes
  8. Duck girl have a nice ruth on market, also some clothes to fit it. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Free-full-perm-mesh-Avatar-bento-head-and-hands/15108130 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ruth-upgrades-rc3-hands-feets-nails-2/15726755 you can get it from Release candidate , or the one from Vlad blackburn but is same from Duck, only reupload it, Some of the files ( RC2 ones) are based from original upload of Hyacinth Greymoon but i don't know if her place inworld is still there.
  9. can i get a unicorn too? please...please...please
  10. RP. hmm. Not into.. being Kweopi is taking me all the time.
  11. Lucky you :). The 500 /week is granted because the account is old. As long you keep it premium (monthly , quarterly , year , no matter) the stipend will be the same.
  12. ok. time for some answers .lol. on my main account ,as a small creator, i make around 70 $ in a bad month, 110$ in a good one. this is the profit, after i pay all my bills.usually, after I exchanged 100-120 $ i sent them to process credit ( you have to process more than 100 because is 2,5% now but is minimum 3$/trade so it need to be more than 100). and i do this thing once at every couple of months, because i don't cash out every penny i made. I have a life here too and you cannot resist to a nice pair of shoes, or some nice new hair etc. so for me, the increase is not a big deal . i alread
  13. it is a reality game, just as real as you want it to be. for some people= only pixels, for others = real feelings. If you play a shooting game, and other player kills you, is ok, if you get married in sl and your partner cheats you, is so drama. Only you can choose if is a game or not.
  14. why not, grave digging is fun. Why do you think people still searching the pyramids ?
  15. Dracula: I am a famous vampire and i want to suck your blood. Me: Sorry my friend, this is an adult sim, here you can suck other things. C'mon people, since the internet, facebook, google, twitter or all other *****s, your name is in hundred of databases . Who cares about one more database with tons of pixel avies and fake names?
  16. because you are new to mesh bodies, you can start with the free ones , just to test them and learn the basics: Altamura have few limited inworld, in different places, also is a free one at Ex Machina , or the almost free one from meta ( linked down), plus the free full perm roth (linked down) . after you get used to them, get demos from all mesh creators and choose according to your taste (yeah, i know, i always give advices to get the free ones instead of those expensive, is a bad trait of mine.i learned my lesson in the hard way, after i recommended to a friend something expensive, i l
  17. considering the most expensive item on marketplace is no less than 1,000,000,000 who knows 🤑
  18. for most people, it's fun to see others suffer. if you see someone stumble, first laugh, then you go to see if it's ok. Just human nature. why do you think all that home videos with "epic fail" compilations are soo p opular? they difference is trolls provokes that situations, for the "fun" ( or what they think is fun). is ok to troll the trolls? yea, if you are sure they really are trolls.
  19. free advice, go to market place, search for ruth , there are few avaible ( duck girl, vlad blackburn as sellers) in description you will see a link for github where you will find all the blender files for ruth/roth bento bodies - nails included, all shapes and sizes. nail are already bento rigged so is easy to upload. what you need is only to match them for the body you wear. did that saved you 15 K ? contact me inworld if you want to see more. free of charge
  20. Do you remember the huge popularity of Pokemon game sometime ago ? who 'catch them all' now? Popularity brings new people but is no guaranty they will stay years. Also, i remember years ago , there were numerous live singers in sl,. Not much of them here now. Is time to face the truth. We are not in Second Life for live streams or shooting people. We are for sex and money. That's all !!!
  21. Sadly, the hole point is here. there is no reason for someone in secondlife to pay a job like in real life except when they think it will generate an extra income by selling those items. i like my secondlife doll to be dressed as well as my RL , but i will never pay for a mesh cloth the same amount like a real cloth.At least when are so many good items around at few hundred lindens. Same for furniture, yeah custom work might sound nice, and possible unique ( not sure here if a bed or dinner table will be unique, more sure there will be in SL some items that look similar and way more
  22. After all, the second life library is there to be used as resources for all residents. We all have same items there with same permisions.. Selling them 'as it is" , in my opinion is not breaching intellectual copyright is simply stupidity..why should i buy an item from some seller when i have same thing in Library? Customising items and sell .. is like car tunning..usually u can pay more than the value of the car and get just your car back..with a new face.. so "good upgrading" is sure legally, as long u are not pretenting u are the original creator (is sad people do that a lot in SL a
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