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  1. Hi All, I want to derender multiple objects, is there a way to select multiple objects to derender? TIA
  2. Thanks Cinnamon and Ry0ta, guess I'll buy the "copy" version
  3. Hi All, I want to customize my AO. It has dance anims inside and I want to add more. I'm about to buy some from a vendor and there are 2 options: "transfer" and "copy", which is more expensive. Since I'm not making a copy, can I use just purchase the "transfer" version to put that into my AO? TIA
  4. Thx Ela, checking the Jira. This is kinda close to it, will report this to the scriptor and check with the sim owner.
  5. Yeah. LOL thanks for the input Lucinda but this has nothing to do with "swords" and/or the sounds from swords. Maybe you might have asked "what" object was making the sound but as I indicated in my post, "I am *not* the scriptor of the object". Btw, the object is a "collar" rezzing onto my neck.
  6. I'm not the creator but I've getting scripting errors ("Too many sound triggers"), from some objects. Does anyone know what this means and how I can rectify it? TIA
  7. " Why would you worry about people entering your area?" It's my preferance. And I add that it's one that may make no difference to you but we are not the same are we? Life would be boring if all were :smileywink:.
  8. Thanks for responding Rihanna. " Why would you worry about people entering your area?" It's my preferance.
  9. I am experiencing the same issue as these users: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/Viewer-Not-Opening/td-p/1309773/highlight/true Also, there is no cache to clear, I have absolutely no access to the viewer.
  10. Thanks LoveAngel, will read through the links but Phoenix is working fine as was Viewer 2, so I don't see how this is a graphics issue
  11. Just wanted to add when I initially joined SL using Linden viewer 2 all was fine, even the Marine Kelly viewer was fine. Also to note that Phoenix is running fine but Linden Viewer 3.2 is just black&gray no interface, menu, nothing. If I look in processes, it's running but I see nothing. Cable Modem Win XP AMD Athlon Dual Core Comodo Firewall
  12. Hi All, I did a clean install of Viewer 3 a while ago but after install all that comes up is the viewer with the screen half black and half dark grey... no login, no nothing. I installed Phoenix and that has been working perfectly. Just did another install of Viewer 3, removing the old first and the same thing is happening. Why is the screen blank?
  13. whew... thought I'd missed that one. Thanks a bunch Amethyst!
  14. Hi Theresa, Thank your for responding. I didn't see that option in the "About Land" menu but will look again. Ok, good, we have a group created for the parcel we just have to make sure all is deeded to that group.
  15. Hi Alicia, There are no objects of his showing up in: World -> about land -> objects so would this mean none of his scripted items are running on our parcel? I think the best thing is to just ask him to move his skybox and if that doesn't work contact the property manager.
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