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  1. It appears this is BUG-41379 (i was kicked by a security orb). So ... my scripts are broken. I'm filing a support ticket
  2. I do copy all my items when i can. In that case, i was wearing no copy items and the shop selling those has closed..
  3. Hello, A few hours ago, i crashed in a no-script zone. The items i wore at the time cannot be clicked anymore. My AO is not sending my animations. I tried clearing the cache, using another viewer, ... same issue. I tried resetting the items; nothing happened. Of course i'm in script zone now ... In edit page, scripts are marked as "running" but it seems they do nothing. What should i do ? All my other items do work; just not those who i have been wearing while i crashed
  4. Hello, after 8PM (GMT), i have strong issues with this message. It happens most of the time. I have no firewall except the one in windows, and i've created exception in it. The UDP TCP ports are open in my router... But .. it happens that sometimes, i cant log in in SL, and this message stays for some hours. Even with Avast shut. Then eventually, i can log in after.. Is there a way to smooth things up ? I tried to change ports ..
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