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  1. Coby Foden wrote: ↑ What is the general practice in undewear when wearing the kilt? Just curious.. :smileytongue: Hi Cody, as Keli has replied underwear can be worn, I myself am a true scotsman so never don the garments. Although as this kilt is mesh, I have considered wearing them, as anyone without a mesh viewer, might think I am some kind of flasher. :smileywink: If I am wearing one in RL that problem never arises. :smileywink:
  2. Cinnamon Mistwood wrote: @ Leith - I loved the formal wear from a few pages back. Your bad boy look on the bike is great! (is that cop in the background really patting down a school girl?) I am not sure where you are going, but I have no doubt you will get there fast. Thanks Cinnamon, I never know where I am going, just like when I DJ, I never know what song I am going to play next.:matte-motes-sunglasses-3: Although the cop patting down the little girl has made me remember a track by the Angelic Upstarts titled Police Oppression. @ Wynn if you need cooling down you can alwayd ride p
  3. Posing with the first bike I ever owned in SL, still in good working order after 5 years
  4. Cinnamon Mistwood wrote: I need a bib... Going to start drooling soon... @ Leith - Great look. It is commonplace to see in the small town I live in even though it is the west coast of the US. I haven't explored my Scottish roots much, but I do know the colors of the kilts worn were a light blue and black. Are you wearing family colors? Couple of full formal dress pics. @ Cinn yes I am wearing the Fraser tartan, well one of them at least, there are a couple of choices
  5. Couple of shots of me in my national dress, might post a full formal look later, and yes ladies I am a true scotsman.:smileywink:
  6. Cinnamon Mistwood wrote: @Leith - Nice selection. I may have to think again about whether I find blonde men attractive. :matte-motes-wink: Thanks Cinn, will have to see if I can improve your opinion of blondes, then again I may try something totally different.:smileywink:
  7. Breaking out in a pair of mesh jeans, Merry Christmas to all :matte-motes-big-grin:
  8. Time for a little thong song :matte-motes-sunglasses-3:
  9. Deep in thought, mulling over what tracks to play for my next set.
  10. Me chilling at home before heading to the club to DJ.
  11. Venus Petrov wrote: Welcome Leith! With a surname like yours, you can be as vain as you like. Thank you Venus, my surname has opened a few doors, or it could be the bag of horses heads I carry around with me :matte-motes-sunglasses-1:
  12. Venus Petrov wrote: Great shots, everyone! I would love to see more men post here. Surely, there are one or two that have some vanity? Ok here goes, trying out a new skin and attempting to look vain.
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