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  1. Try updating to the newest version. It fixed a lot of bugs and, at least for me, runs better than anything I've used before. http://phoenixviewer.blogspot.com/2012/08/firestorm-update-42229837.html You can find the information about it there and it links to the download page. As usual, you need to do a clean installation, so be sure to get rid of all the old files before you run install. Hope that helps.
  2. The least number of L$ I can currently buy from my viewer is 543 for $2.50, so L$100 is worth about $0.46. I'd like to know where in the US you can feed yourself on L$350 - 500 a day. A pound of bananas cost $0.49 (this week), a 0.5L bottle of water costs $1.20. *The meal plan where I go to college costs me $2,869 per semester. The fall semester (less Holidays when the campus is closed) means that covers meals for 91 days. Even at the best currently available Lindex rate, that works out to about L$7,800 per day.
  3. Don't know about the other viewers, but the new Firestorm allows you to opt out off either group notices or group IM, or both on each group home page. Don't know about 100, but upping it to 50 would be nice.
  4. You certainly can choose what you believe in. Throughout the history of mankind, people have lived under the dominance of Christianity, Islam, National Socialism, Socialism, Communism and on and on and on. Even with empirical proof that none of these systems succeed without the enslavement of mind and body, there are those who continue to believe. Some convert and accept the systems they are forced to live under. Some because they have weak minds and are successfully indoctrinated into those beliefs. Some present a belief, though they aren't true adherents. They espouse a belief simply to survive. Yet despite coercion, torture and the threat of death, there are always those who resist the beliefs of those who surround and control their very existence. Call it intelligence, force of will or the human spirit, some people refuse to knuckle under regardless of the pressures place upon them. You always have a choice in what you believe or don't believe. What you do with that choice in up to you.
  5. When I see people walking around in rl and sl wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the images of Mao, Fidel and Che' (respectively the biggest Mass Murderer in the history of mankind, the enslaver of the Cuba people and a Sociopathic Serial Killer) and that is considered chic, a double stand is obvious. It just proves that Freedom of speech allows everyone to tout and display their ignorance on an equal basis, regardless of their beliefs.
  6. Being a Firestorm devotee, I just installed the latest update with the PF tools. Though I will probably never use it, not really being a builder, the additional fixes and updates makes it run far better than previous versions on my computer. And better than the SL official viewer ever did. So for me the PF question is immaterial compared to the question of improved overall performance. .
  7. I wouldn't worry to much about her complaints. Games that award experience or health levels based on time vs. achieved goals all suck, and only fools would play them. Oh, sorry you wrote it didn't you.
  8. If you can get into forums then you should be able to get into http://my.secondlife.com/ You can see all you friends there.
  9. It's completely hilarious to see or hear people complaining about being spied on or having their privacy violated. All while using Google products and services and posting the most minute and inane bits of personal information on twittard and facekook. And you won't vote for pols who actually care about insuring personal freedoms and liberties, because they aren't the ones promising everybody free stuff and playing at class warfare. Less freebies equals more freedom. Personal freedoms come at the cost of taking responsibility for yourself and cutting the gov out of your life. If you want to be a leech, then line up for your chip. You deserve it.
  10. Don't have a clue if you'll get suspended or banned. But here: ............... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, From my stash, I think you must have run out of them.
  11. When I'm at school there are 240 rooms in my residential building with the same IP. Now some girl down on the first floor pieces you off and you want me banned too because I have the same IP. Do me a favor and just tell me the name of your club so I can avoid it like the plague to begin with. Being run by a self important jerk like you, I wouldn't want to take the chance of wandering in at random. The place probably sucks as bad as you attitude. Have a nice day though.... :matte-motes-grin:
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