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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if there is any way to download a mesh model onto my computer once I've uploaded them on SL. Basically, I've uploaded a mesh model through my university computer, and now I'm at home wanting to work on it but I forgot my hard drive at uni. Is there any way I can download the model off SL? Thanks! :)
  2. Thanks guys! Will try your suggestions! I am trying to make the building smaller since it is too huge at the moment. It's a uni project and we're recreating Christchurch, New Zealand after the earthquake, so scale is important. On a side note, because you're all wonderfully helpful, I'd love for you to have a visit around what we've made Teleport to Papanui, and have a wander around. Thanks again guys!! Really appreciate the quick responses and help!
  3. Hey guys, not sure if this is the right thread to post into, but was hoping to get a little help! I've been making a massive building in SL, and it's up to something like 837 prims. Problem is, I've just discovered the scale for it needs to be 1:2, and I've been designing it in 1:1. Now I'm trying to select the whole thing and resizing it, but it's not working sadly. I've tried linking the parts together, but obviously with such a huge amount of prims I exceed the maximum I can link. Any suggestions? I'd appreciate any help! :)
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