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  1. Penny Patton wrote: @ Heyley: Good to know! I always have to point it out tho because there are so many people who don't realize the official appearance editor is broken. Absolutely! And I'm glad you did. I've always known that slider was broken, but it was your article on scale that really made me realize just how much. It's wrong in Firestorm also, but perhaps not by as much? I can't use the official viewer to compare, it just refuses to log me in.
  2. Penny Patton wrote: It gets worse. How, exactly, did you determine your avatar is 5'4"? I used the guide in the 1920s Berlin sim, in combination with one of those "Find your accurate height" scripts (Edit: This one). They both seemed to agree with with my heels I'm 5'8" and without them I'm 5'4". I think when last we met in-world I was 2-3" taller, I spent a bunch of time last night making adjustments. @Wilhiam: Thank you for having such a wonderful sense of humour hun
  3. I'm 5'4" in RL and I've reflected that in my avatar. I really do look tiny compared to your average giants in SL. Heels help, but I really like my flip-flops. So far I've never been accused of being a child, but I guess that's because I dress and act my own age (23). I also have a particular physical attribute that really gives me away as an adult.
  4. Sorry hun You're stuck with your username unless you want to make a brand new account. Unfortunately a large number of people, especially those who have been here a while, disable the Display Name entirely so all they see is your username.
  5. Maryanne Solo wrote: Hayley Spore wrote: I've always loved RPGs like Oblivion and Fallout.. O M G! omg! omg! Are you saying Fallout is like Oblivion? You can't be serious? (jumps up and down excitedly). In terms of a virtual world that I can mod to my heart's content? It's a lot like Oblivion! Here's what I did with Fallout3 (This is unmodified, straight from my game!)
  6. Wildcat Furse wrote: throw as many as you like Jesica, I do just the same!!!! :smileyvery-happy: *meows* Oh that's a lovely shot Edit: Might as well add one of my own, for vanity's sake.
  7. I'm a sucker for a good character creator. I've always loved RPGs like Oblivion and Fallout where I get to create any person I like, and then simply exist in their virtual world. I try to play as if it were RL-me behind those virtual eyes, and immerse myself completely for a while. My problem has always been the often-arbitrary limitations set by the developer, ("Nobody will ever want to set the slider that high/low!") which prevents me from bringing my imagination to the screen and makes it less likely that I will want to keep coming back. There is also the limited scope of game genre. I wou
  8. Physical attraction is an important part of any relationship. While the emotional bond may be enough to hold an existing relationship together once the physical attraction begins to fade, it is often (not always!) enough to get a new one started or move to the next step. Not only that but communication is the single most important part of any relationship. If you can't be honest and open about something as important as, "I am not attracted to you and do not wish to persue a relationship" then it is doomed to fail right from the start. I've gotten myself into a lot of trouble for being blunt
  9. Works wonderfully for me on Windows, but as soon as I boot into Linux I have all kinds of problem with it. Much of the text on the UI is invisible (contact list, several sections of profiles, etc), I cannot start an IM with anyone and when they start one with me their name shows up as "[NAME]" while typing, and blank while not typing. Also, I do not see mesh. At all. I don't see weird donut shaped prims, just nothing at all. Much like Kirsten's viewer, which also works fine on Windows but has the same problems on my Linux installation. I'd love to tell you how Viewer3 works on Linux, but i
  10. No problems with the Firstorm Beta3 Mesh viewer so far. Granted I only used it for ~6 hours, but it worked beautifully and has some really nice new features.
  11. It strikes me as odd that we can still have wardrobe malfunctions, even when our clothes are painted directly onto our bodies.
  12. I'm online most days, just look me up in-world and we'll meet
  13. Hayley Spore


    I have a single alt, with no personality and a name that just screams, "I am an alt, ignore me". It's hard to focus your camera on a single spot and then say, drive by it without being able to see where you're going when you're off-camera. So instead I open a second viewer and log in with my alt, that way I have an independent camera to record video with. I have no deceptive intentions with my alt, it's just to aid me in situations where a second avatar would be useful or necessary.
  14. Cio Koba wrote: Is there any way I can get ''sandwiched'' between you both? Oh dear. Well I suppose I do have a larger blindspott directly in front of me that you could potentially hide in....
  15. Randall Ahren wrote: your avatar's bosom is way too big. It's looks freakish and unattractive You have a right to your opinion and I have a right to mine. If you have a problem with my appearance, then kindly ignore my posts and pretend I'm not even here. I will happily return the favor.
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