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  1. Maryanne Solo wrote: Hayley Spore wrote: I've always loved RPGs like Oblivion and Fallout.. O M G! omg! omg! Are you saying Fallout is like Oblivion? You can't be serious? (jumps up and down excitedly). In terms of a virtual world that I can mod to my heart's content? It's a lot like Oblivion! Here's what I did with Fallout3 (This is unmodified, straight from my game!)
  2. Wildcat Furse wrote: throw as many as you like Jesica, I do just the same!!!! :smileyvery-happy: *meows* Oh that's a lovely shot Edit: Might as well add one of my own, for vanity's sake.
  3. I'm a sucker for a good character creator. I've always loved RPGs like Oblivion and Fallout where I get to create any person I like, and then simply exist in their virtual world. I try to play as if it were RL-me behind those virtual eyes, and immerse myself completely for a while. My problem has always been the often-arbitrary limitations set by the developer, ("Nobody will ever want to set the slider that high/low!") which prevents me from bringing my imagination to the screen and makes it less likely that I will want to keep coming back. There is also the limited scope of game genre. I wou
  4. It strikes me as odd that we can still have wardrobe malfunctions, even when our clothes are painted directly onto our bodies.
  5. Cio Koba wrote: Is there any way I can get ''sandwiched'' between you both? Oh dear. Well I suppose I do have a larger blindspott directly in front of me that you could potentially hide in....
  6. Randall Ahren wrote: your avatar's bosom is way too big. It's looks freakish and unattractive You have a right to your opinion and I have a right to mine. If you have a problem with my appearance, then kindly ignore my posts and pretend I'm not even here. I will happily return the favor.
  7. As a woman who is marrying another woman in less than 72 hours, my eyes are not initially drawn to her mesh dress or big hair either! :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: And now, a picture of me and my dear friend Melissa Yeuxdoux! We are different people, I swear!
  8. Venus Petrov wrote: @Hayley: Nice to see you are becoming a regular here! You'll be sick of me in no time, dear
  9. Very cool! I just got caught up in a random dance party at the cafe!
  10. DQ Darwin wrote: Hayley: What's round trip cost? It's always on the house for you, dear
  11. My appearance is not (for the most part) limited by the original intentions of the creators. I love most RPG games, and I'm a sucker for a good character creator but I always feel so limited to the slider limits that the developers so arbitrarily set. In SL that still happens, but there's always a way around it if you're willing to spend a few dollars. The same goes for my actions. If I want to drive a school bus on the moon, well, I'm going to go right ahead and do that. Who wants to join me?
  12. Oh yes, congrats on 1500 posts dear! That's impressive
  13. The whole thing seemed very... dated. It reminded me of 10 years ago when the Internet was still a scary place to many people and they just painted virtual worlds with a big "STAY AWAY! THERE IS NOTHING HERE FOR NORMAL PEOPLE!" sign... *sigh*
  14. WilhiamMeshTest wrote: I see you like fast cars. Can I be your mechanic ? ^.^ Can you fix my upside-down helicopter?? (Sexy pic LOL)
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