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  1. In total I'll have 3 Categories for skills to fall under. Body, for physical rolls, Mind for mental rolls, and Soul for social rolls. I'd liek to put all the "physical" skills under the body menu. All the "Mental" skills under mind, and all the "social" rolls under Soul. or have the option of a "basic" roll right off theb at from the start menu. The "stats" aren't going to show up in the menu, just a person's character sheet. Though then umber of skills I want to employ venture close to about 100 skills. things from Melee attack, down to something like swimming. For example person A is trying to Outswim Person B They click the HUD, that opens up the menu and they see "Body, Mind, Soul, Basic" They click Body. That brings up a new menu where they hit next until they find "swimming" then they click swimming. Then local chat displays the following: Person A has rolled "SWIMMING" for a total of 20. This 20, should come from their Stats and skills, and a random bonus from the die. Say they have 5 strength, 5 speed, and 5 endurance... and level 3 swimming? then to equal 20 thedice gave them a randomized 2. I want all this math to be in the script, so players don't have to worry about adding it up. Thoguh I dont' know how to get this script to that point. All I can do is the randomized dice roll atm.
  2. Well I don't know how to make a dialog, All I've got so far is a simple dice script that when you click it just does a 2d10 atm. I was thinking I could put osmething irectly in the script and string that addition, but that would get complicated down the road, having it read a notecard to pull in the stats and skill levels would be more benefitial.
  3. Wrong place to ask this question, however... Around the shops you'll see giant golden circles with money amounts. You need to pay lindens to these golden rings for the amounts depicted. When you pay it your HUD will be credited the total you pay, and that can be used to buy things.
  4. So I'm working on something that's going to be a rather large undertaking. I've figured out how to do a "bare-bones" kind of dice hud that just rolls a basic 2-20. However now I need to go to the next step. I want to make a roleplaying system dice hud for my sim. For this I want it so that when you click the HUD you get a menu, that lists all the skills in my system. When you click the skill it refrences a notecard in the Hud to do some minor math before displaying the result: IE. There's a normal 2d6, 2d8, 2d10, 2d12, 2d16, 2d20 ((Whatever basic configuration that always rolls a standard die)) Though I want it to look into a note card to add in a character's "STATS" and "SKILL LEVEL" So say they want to hit someone with a sword? I want the Hud to generate a random value between 2 and 12, then add in the character's Strength, speed, perception stats as well as their sword skill level. If I could see the basics of HOW to start this I can then move forward from there. The first bit I think I need to do is the menu, which I have no idea how to do, then I need to know how to make the script access the notecard. I already know how to make a 2d6, 10, 20... whatever I'll decide on that I need. Though I need to see a script that opens up a menu when you click the object, and then allows me to select multiple roll types.and have it refrences a notecard for each roll to pull out the stats and skill level to calculate the roll properly.
  5. Unfortunately due to scripting issues we will be postponing our opening until the issue can be resolved. We apologies for any inconvenience.
  6. The awaited Scifi RP sim "Silveradia Space HUB" will be opening Saturday, October 8th 2011. We'll be kicking off the opening party with a party in the "Crimson Cantina" There will be an event board with a 6k linden prized to be distributed to the top three best looking avatars based on the sim's theme. 1st place: 3000 2nd place: 2000 3rd place: 1000 Honestly there is so much to the sim, you'll have to see it to understand everything, at current the full details of the matter will be released Wednesday. October 5th. We hope to see you all at the party. for more specific information, or if you'd like a landmark please IM one of the following in world: AlistairCuis Resident (Alistair Cruise) Sim owner/Head Admin Fiona Frandevoel Sim Owner/Senior Admin Jude Ghostraven (Jude Salvatore) Senior Admin jayco cortes (Uriel Salvatore) Admin
  7. That doesn't really help me much at all... I'm asking if anyone knows a sim that would be like 600 AD in northern Germany kind of place. It doesn't matter what meter they use I am jsut looking for the enviroment. The norse gods such as Odin, Thor, etc. as well as the culture and buildings mead halls, longhalls, and such....
  8. Hey I am currently looking for a norse RP sim. I can't seem to find one at all no matter how hard I search. Has anyone heard of a medieval celtic/ norse themed sim? I know thre' roman ones in abundance but I have more interest roleplaying as a Thane. Please note I am not looking for a gorean trovaslander sim.
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