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  1. What Happened To First Name And Last Name? When My Friend Told Me To Make One She Said I Could Have A First And Last Name But When I Signed Up I Had To Make A Stupid Username. I'd Like Having An SL First And Last Name. :/
  2. Wait o.0. First Am I Confusing The 10$ Per File To Upload A Image To Your Inventory Or No? o.o & If So Is It Per File Or Just Once? o.o & Yes i know this was stupid but im stupid in real life so yea ;l
  3. o_0 wait im confused because im not really good wit the insides of laptops/computers. i thought that little chip like thing was da graphics card.
  4. [Edited from before] I Have taken out the graphics card but there's more information to this. I Have downloaded a lot of stuff on this (Adobe Products,Another SL Viewers,Join.Me,etc.) Even the other viewers lagg. And I Have To Sometimes take out the graphics card because the viewer says your graphics card is one second life does not recognize. Please Go To Me>Prefences>Graphics. Now I've Messed With It But still nothing happens. sometimes i even set the terrian & another stuff to low but it still laggs. now it might be because i have downloaded alot of stuff on this laptop. but if i
  5. I Downloaded The New Viewer. & This Is A Windows 7 Home Premium & It Has A Graphic Card. But Why Can't I Set My Graphics Not Even To Mid Without Lagging?
  6. I Wanna Know How To Submit Textures & Maps. Because I Don't Know How To Use The Create Mode In The Viewer. Please Tell MeOh & Do I Have To Pay A Fine Or Something To Create?
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