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  1. Alluding to some personal context was actually me giving you the benefit of the doubt that you weren't just that rude to people generally, but we can do it your way by all means. Telling someone to abandon their parcel isn't within the confines of a normal conversation or even a debate. You can make as many subtle remarks as you wish but there's only one person who's looking bad here and it's you. I'm glad Patch has released a written statement about this so we can finally put this to bed.
  2. It's something I have thought about in the past and I would happily pay for a tertiary tier account (some type of business account) that has this service and more business tools. It is something that could be considered as a solution. Even several tiers of business accounts for the varying array of business that is done on the platform.
  3. What worries me most of all is reducing the group slots for residents on basic membership plans. As a store owner myself (Apple Fall) it's such an important tool to connect myself with the customer base. While we have other avenues of advertising such as Flickr, Facebook, etc, what makes the groups the key marketing tool is that I am directly connecting to the thousands of people that have chosen to join my group, instantly. I understand and have witnessed that the strain that groups have on the system is dire, as notices aren't received by everybody in the group although that's been happening for some time now. But as others have said the groups are also missing basic features, such as the ability to delete a notice that has been sent out, or even being able to click on the name of the person who has sent the notice from the notice window itself. As the single most important avenue for customer connectivity it has been overshadowed by other features and is in need of a makeover itself. As creators, and business owners alike, the end goal is to make sure that our customer base is happy and while there are things that are of course out of our control such as the fee increases for process credit, I think there are things that can be changed and I seriously believe that reinstating the group cap to what it was before should be one of them. The market can be volatile as it is and I feel like this move is unnecessarily adding to that. Now customers will have to choose (even more than they do already) between which stores they can follow because of the limit and that's just dangerous for the economy as a whole, in my opinion. If I may offer some suggestions I have a couple that I would like to put on the table: Reinstating the old group cap of course, however the feasibility of that is nothing I can objectively comment on. A built in notification system non-group reliant. Since the GDPR it has been somewhat shrouded in uncertainty the use of what we call 'subscribo' tools, a messaging system that doesn't rely on the group infrastructure. If there is a way something of that essence could be built into the viewer and also linked to a marketplace or dashboard notification system, it would sustain creator to customer relations without anybody having to worry about the group cap affecting their business. It doesn't need to have attachments or anything heavy, just something text based would more than suffice. The ability to leave a group and re-join without having to pay the fee again. This is a problem I face as of now and I can only imagine it getting worse if nothing is implemented or changed. People will leave and re-join groups for a multitude of reasons but paying the fee twice shouldn't be a thing. I add the fee solely to stop phishers and scammers from being able to access my group chat (which happened A LOT). I know that of course some business models rely on the group fee to be paid every month, a switch for us group owners to turn it on or off would be cool. If I may continue on from the comment I made about scammers and phishers, a lot of us would feel more comfortable with the fee increase if something more actively was done about these situations. They damage the market, in whatever form they come in. People sharing keylogger links in groups, copybotters, charity scams, content theft to name a few. The fees have increased many times in a relatively short space of time and I have only seen these things getting worse. I hope that with the latest increase along with paying new compliance costs there will be a little margin to be more prolific in policing the platform. I understand there is no perfect solution and it's always going to be around to some degree but things are the worst I have seen right now. The reason I suggest this is because I know with the increase in fees for those of us cashing out, while a reduction in land costs, it has become increasingly clear where a lot of the income from the platform is coming from. I won't say majority or anything like that because without numbers I could not possibly know for sure, I am just using conjecture. Which is why there should be an increased interest in tackling anything that serves to not only undermine the market in a literal sense but instill uncertainty or fear in the customer base as a secondary effect as ultimately that only leads to people buying less Lindens or being less inclined to shop. It has been nice to see the Lab make a bold statement with the release of the new Premium continent and the new homes. It has been a message that has been well received, for premium members of course for obvious reasons but for those of us with a business in the platform it let us know that you were there, that you wanted a serious future for the platform. Things that were left in the balance with the release of Sansar and a noticeable reduction in the staff tethered to Second Life since that project has opened. I am glad we are where we are now. I applaud the Lab for it's continuing efforts to make it a sustainable business model which also makes it a more stable business for us that are working here full time. But with a double in cashout fees I think we are reaching a threshold that we should be seeing more done on a basic level to sustain the economy of the platform for all of our sakes.
  4. My comment was justified by your numerous suggestions (and bullying attempts which others have also recognized) that I should abandon my parcel. I'm sorry that you come here with so much judgment and anger but I hope you can find a way to change it for your own sake, and if not then for those around you.
  5. Inspiration is a beautiful thing. It's not wise to underestimate its' necessity in the world. I am aware of this, I have read the covenant. And of course you are welcome to speculate as to my intentions all day long. Projecting your opinions on me, however, as if they are a fact is a very misguided thing to do. By all means you are welcome to, as are others, if you genuinely believe that I am in breach of the land covenant. I pay for my premium membership the same as anyone else, and I am as much entitled to claim and own a Linden Home as much as you or anybody else in the new continent. If I could again point to an earlier comment that projecting your personal opinion of me as a fact really isn't a necessary thing to do, in fact it's rather ugly. And while you didn't call out my brand by name (why would you, it's just more 'advertising' for me, correct?) pictures of my open house and my signage etc were shared so I saw that the door was open enough for me to comment specifically. I have a right to comment on an open forum as much as you do. And I have no intents of bowing out or have an exit strategy. I apologise that my existence on the continent is a thorn in your side but I feel that problem lies with you alone, maybe it's something deeper, I'm not sure. But I'm not here to speculate. However if you're keen on a giveaway I hold them often and in many forms if you would be interested in that. The Lab have clearly put a lot of time and effort into a project that is bringing some new momentum to the platform which benefits all of us. It's been a good and refreshing thing to see. There aren't many companies that would be able to roll out and have a fully populated sizeable community practically in 24 hours but look around you and see. We're having a good time and enjoying this new breath of life. The only low point about this entire thread personally is being reminded that nothing good can exist without somebody or a small group of people (if what you attested to before is accurate) pushing back with negativity. I'm not going to strip you of your right to have an opinion, but it's just that. Coming to the forums stating your opinions as facts is not only a shame; that your post can misguide others into maybe not sharing their home with others, not inspiring others, and on a basic level putting people off wanting getting to know their neighbour in the new continent is just something we're all going to be sorry about in the end.
  6. The open house is simply that, an open house. It doesn't have my brand name on it, my parcel is named Apple Pie. It's not an Apple Fall Open House, it's an open house which happens to be owned by me (Apple Fall). It's a Linden Home which I have decorated and have chosen to open the doors to share it with the Bellissaria community. My home also features many items from other stores including Botanical, Tres Blah, Studio Skye, What Next to name a few. It serves no purpose except to exist as a place that people can visit and hopefully leave feeling inspired to decorate their own home. I'm not here pushing my brand. The parcel isn't listed on classifieds, it isn't in land search, I'm not selling any products and my brand name is nowhere except on the items I have created (as is the same with every single item on the grid). Have I used some of my items? Of course, is that considered commerce? No. In any factual definition and in regards to the land covenant I am not doing anything wrong. I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy visiting the open house, and I feel sad that, as others have mentioned, in a community that has only been thriving on the excitement of the Linden Homes project and the positive momentum that has come from the Lab and residents alike; that you feel the need to be, for want of better phrase, a sour apple.
  7. Thank you guys, creating a sneaky vert has done it something I will keep in mind from now on. Thanks again I tried using planes for physics on floors but ran into the same issue where the floor in 3DS was zero on the z axis, the convex hull problem. I also noticed during this process that the uploader pulls verts very subtly on completely flat planes to be the SL minimum size for any object - something I'll have to add verts to get around too I think.
  8. Is this a 'feature' or a bug? If my mesh is less than 0.5m in any dimension, the custom physics shape reverts to convex hull. On anything I make, not isolated to this specific mesh. Notice on the attached image the size in the Y axis; image attached to post, any help would be appreciated and thank you.
  9. I never said they promised it... if they can't stick to the guideline they set though, of 2-5 days, in their policy, then they should increase the no. of days it states there.
  10. Yes... although not a holiday week here. I contacted live chat as I had already waited 5 full business days (cashing out on Sunday and mon-fri being the 5 days). This is the way I have done it for over 2 years and never had an issue... But now today is Saturday (mid-morning at that) and still no payout. Last week I got paid Saturday morning at 8AM SLT which again I didn't understand as 5 days had passed and they don't apparently do cash-out requests on non-business days. I contacted Live Chat and opened a ticket. In live chat they acknowledged the 5 days had passed but told me to 'wait until Monday and open another ticket'. Like... if they aren't going to stick to their policy then why have it in the first place?
  11. I always wondered why the timezone in second life is PST however LindeX appears to function in UTC for me? (Only recently, if I recall too). Which makes cashing out on a Sunday night now appear as though I did it on Monday morning which I did not.. Can I change this myself somewhere or is it embedded this way for everyone, oddly. Thanks!
  12. After toying with the new materials system for a few hours, I just wanted to share my first materials-enabled creations. Please share yours! I'm excited about the new feature and cannot wait to see what it brings to SL. Regards, Apple Fall
  13. I couldn't really find a way to disable or remove SkyDrive from Windows 8 without going into the registry (which I'm not keen on doing myself). The iCloud / SkyDrive thing fixed not being able to upload textures previously on SL, yes. I'll attempt to download a beta driver and see if that helps the situation any. Thank you.
  14. I will try this. I remember in the past iCloud on the Mac stopped me from being able to upload stuff on the Windows bootcamp partition. I'll try and disable Skydrive and see, will report back. Thanks!
  15. Upon reading about this I thought that Second Life wanting to work on Windows 8 was somewhat selective. But it doesn't work on ANY of my Windows 8 machines, which is leading me to believe that it either doesn't work for the most part or I have very bad luck. I have double and triple checked every machine, and yes, the drivers are up to date. And I should mention that I have isntalled the manufacturers drivers on top of whatever crap Microsoft installs that apparently 'breaks' everything - but to no avail. Machine 1: AMD Bulldozer 8-Core 4.0ghz Processer / 32GB RAM / 2TB Hard Drive / nVidia Geforce GT630 4GB Graphics / Windows 8 Pro 64-Bit Machine 2: iMac 27" (Mid-11) running Bootcamp / Intel i7 4-Core 3.4ghz processor / 8GB RAM / 1TB Hard Drive / AMD Radeon HD 6970 1GB Graphics / Windows 8 Pro 64-Bit Machine 3: HP Touchscreen All-In-One 20" / Intel Quad Core Processor / 2GB RAM / 1TB Hard Drive / AMD Radeon HD 5450 1GB Graphics . Windows 8 32-Bit Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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