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  1. IDK! I agree with you!!!!! I LOVE the Tonic Curvy because you're right, it's realistic, and AS a woman, it's nice to see that someone actually creates a body that doesnt make RL me feel like **bleep** for never being able to achieve. The fact that a body like that is available for me in SL is awesome because it gives RL me more confidence. I know it doesn't make much sense to others, but to me it does. Before I found the tonic, I actually preffered the SL default because nothing else looked even remotely realistic or even like humanly possible without plastic surgery lmfao. Awesome post. Thank you.
  2. I dont think its nessessary to be assholes, guys. Just sayin.
  3. Yeah, I purchased about 2000L over a week ago, and I can't buy more. :( My credit card is fine, but I'm just not able to buy L! :( Is there something wrong with my account? Or do I have to wait longer than a week? I tried to readd my payment option again... didn't work..
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