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  1. The Town of Cedar Creek is conducting an executive search for a forward-thinking public safety leader to be its next Police Chief.The Police Chief will set a strategic direction to address the needs of a growing community and create a department culture that values community policing and proactively engages the members of the department.  Applications will be accepted until 11:59 pm on March 19.

    Apply Here

    Click for a copy of the Job Listing

    Teleport to the Police Department Lobby

  2.  The Town of Cedar Creek is a roleplay community set in mountains of Colorado where people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of big city life come to live and play.  However, don't let the small town atmostphere trick you into thinking its quiet and boring.  The citizens in Cedar Creek really bring the town alive with their every day hustle and bustle, bringing in their own shops and businesses.  The town boasts the usual emergency service roleplay, with an active fire department, police department and medical clinic.  The town is also launching a small school for children and teenagers; Teachers are strongly encouraged to apply too!  Currently the town is in the middle of a mayorial political campaign, with elections only two days away!  The staff in Cedar Creek host weekly events, such as ladies bowling night, community game night, live concerts/DJ's, and quarterly festivals!  

    So if you are looking for some place to call home, somewhere to launch a career, or simply a place to hang out, then come and check out the Town of Cedar Creek!  We would love to have you!








































  3. The Town of Cedar Creek is expanding and there is a unique opportunity available for one lucky individual.  The designers have parceled off a 4814 sq ft plot of land in the gated Aspen Ridge neighborhood that will be available on a first come, first serve basis, to anyone who is looking for 2250 prims for only L$5000 per week. 

    This unique plot is set in the corner, overlooking the rest of the town, with a private drive and scenic vistas.  The home to be placed on the parcel is negotiable.  So if you are interested, come visit Cedar Creek today and message one of our staff for a private viewing and discussion about what we can do for you to make your stay in Cedar Creek exceptional! 

    The Town of Cedar Creek is a themed Family Friendly Roleplay community that is nestled in the mountains of Colorado.  With amenities like a non-denominational church, vehicle service stations with wrecker service, bus & taxi transportation services, art gallery, real estate office, diner, cafe, community newspaper, adoption agency, medical clinic, police department, fire department, school, courthouse, city hall, car rental company, and more, with more coming soon! 

    Teleport to the Town of Cedar Creek


    The Youth Program Director is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating programs for youth in the Cedar Creek community.

    The Youth Program Director reports to the Estate Managers and is responsible for administering and delivering programs for youth in the community. The Youth Program Director will consult with youth and organizations that represent youth to determine their needs and develop programs in response to those needs.

    1. Research and develop programs for youth

    • Assess the program requirements of youth in the community
    • Communicate with youth to determine their needs and interests
    • Communicate with organziations that represent youth to determine needs and interests of youth
    • Research funding and prepare funding proposals
    • Ensure a variety of sport, recreation, cultural and academic programs are planned and implementd
    • Ensure program information is available
    • Develop youth organizations
    • Encourage existing organizations to include youth
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of programs
    • Identify areas where new programs are needed

    2. Plan and implement activties for youth

    • Schedule activities, facilities, staff and volunteers as required
    • Supervise and lead activities for youth
    • Recruit, train and oversee staff and volunteers
    • Encourage local youth to participate
    • Monitor the use of equipment and facilities

    3. Promote youth programs

    • Ensure that youth and youth organizations are aware of available activites
    • Coordinate a community relations campaign to promote youth programs
    • Arrange for advertising of youth programs
    • Maintain contacts with local and outside organizations for youth

    4. Administer youth programs

    • Prepare a plan for youth activites
    • Prepare the youth program budget
    • Prepare finacial and program reports
    • Record information on and prepare reports concerning youth programs, costs, numbers of particpants and equipment and facility use
    • Provide bi-monthly and quarterly reports about youth programs and opportunities
    • Ensure that all programs and activites are implemented to meet or exceed comparable communities

    5. Perform other related duties as required


    • An understanding of the Second Life economic norms and youth culture
    • Procedures for involving youth in community programs
    • Program development and implementation
    • Office administration


    • Ability to administer youth programs
    • Team building skills
    • Analytical and problem solving skills
    • Effective verbal, written, presentation and listening communication skills
    • Effective negotiation and medation skills
    • Time management skills


    • Honest and Trustworthy
    • Respectful
    • Second Life culture awareness
    • Flexible
    • Sound work ethics



    The Town of Cedar Creek is hosting is 1st Annual Fall Festival during the weekend of November 18th through 20th. There will be fun activities, live music, contests and raffles from popular Second Life Creators.

    Cedar Creek is a new, vibrant, family-oriented, themed, residental sim that offers its community roleplaying careers, homes from popular builders, commercial properties on our beautiful river walk, and monthly events.  

    The event is free to attend and the money raised from the raffles will be going to the addition and expansion of our community!

    If you are a Second Life Creator and are interested in a booth, they are free so long as you donate an item to be raffled off.  Please contact David Admiral (trent.admiral) or myself Ethan Costigan (costigan.resident) to make arrangements.  

    For everyone else, we hope to see you at our Fall Festival!

    Town of Cedar Creek Landmark

  6. Hello Diesel,

    Fairfield County is a unique sim that may meet your needs.  It is a 5 sim residential, light roleplay community that is working on expanding and ecompassing the needs of its residents.  A trucking company would be an interesting business to have brought in; you see, the main sim is the residential area.  Of course citizens could utilize your trucking services just like UPS or FedEx to get big objects delivered to their home, espeically with the holidays coming.  Also, there are a few small commercial builds on the main sim too that could need deliveries too, depending on their tenants needs.  

    To the east of the primary residential sim lies a national forest, with campsites, cabins, ranger stations, park welcome center and the future home to the Fire Department and the Department of Public Works building.  I'm certain logging trucks, delivery trucks and the sorts could be used there too.

    South of the residential sim is a Mall for the owner's Second Life businesses.  In fact, there is a delivery terminal on the backside of the mall that is already setup for trucking deliveries and shipping needs.  This also is the home to the Sheriff's Office.

    West of the Mall area is a coastal residential and then light commercial area with a carnival/fair/amusement park.  Here is where I'd go look at renting a location for your trucking company, maybe in the SOHO district.  It will also have a museum/art gallery when the modifications to the sim are complete.  (It is currently under redesign).

    Two sims west of the mall is the heavy commercial area with an airport, gas station, and home to the possible future college campus and art deco canal being custom built by our resident mesh expert.  

    I think you'll agree that the sim has the potential to be your next home.  So I encourage you to stop by, look for a home and contact myself, David Admiral or Faye Blackheart about finding you a place for your trucking company!  We look forward to seeing you soon!


  7. 19741277502_3c09560446_z.jpg

    Beautifully situated on the northern shore of Triax Bay, Fairfield County is centered on community parks, family neighborhoods, pristine waterfront properties and amenities for the whole family.  This residential community features homes with luxurious interior & exterior details.  These innovative home designs are a perfect match to the beautiful environment surrounding one of SL’s premiere lifestyle communities.


    Visit Fairfield County Today!

  8. Hello Everyone,

    I am seeking a 3d artist to create a police badge for an upcoming urban roleplay sim.  It doesn't have to be too terribly detailed; I have one inworld that can be used as an example. Or if the artist has the extra time to put in some nice detail, I have a 2d picture of what I would like. 

    Price dependant on skill level, so please have examples of your work.  I am also willing to work with budding artists, who may be trying to build up their portfilio. 

    This project may lead to other offers for work.

    Anyone interested, may contact me in-world or at costigan.seth at gmail dot com.


  9. I'm trying to reach Miles Ruby (milez.ruby) so I can purchase one of his products but have been having a hard time reaching him in world.  If anyone knows an alternate means of reaching him, could you pass along that I'm interested in speaking with him.  He can contact me in-world or via e-mail.  Thanks!

    Seth Costigan (costigan.resident)

    costigan.seth at gmail dot com

  10. NOTICE: This is an advertisement for a Role Play simulation. It is for entertainment purposes only.

    PPDRecruitment2 copy.png

    Are you interested in a rewarding and challenging career in Law Enforcement?

    The Perdition Police Department is seeking the best and brightest individuals who want to make a change in their lives and a difference in their communities.  A world-class police force that has long set the standard of excellence for police training and performance, no other job can offer you the opportunity for growth, enrichment, and range of experience like the Perdition Police Department. With a competitive starting salary, excellent benefits, and compressed work schedules, a career with the PPD provides you with the security and flexibility to enjoy all the rewards that the City of Perdition has to offer.

    The Perdition Police Department is a professional, progressive agency committed to providing quality police service to the community. The PPD offers exceptional careers in many areas of law enforcement for men and women from all backgrounds who are seeking professional growth and personal satisfaction. Our agency prides itself on the professional atmosphere. Employees are valued as the Department’s most important asset. The Department’s motto “A small department where you’re recognized”, exemplifies that philosophy. We offer a competitive benefits package along with an opportunity to serve in a small, tight-knit community.

    The mission of the Perdition Police Department is to preserve the peace, enforce the law, prevent and detect crime, and protect life and property. The Perdition Police Department's six core missions are:

    • Maintain public peace and order.
    • Enforce criminal laws and investigate violations of those laws.
    • Enforce traffic laws and regulations and investigate violations of those laws and regulations.
    • Support and assist other law enforcement and governmental agencies.
    • Investigate allegations of human abuse or neglect.
    • Respond to the concerns and inquiries of citizens.

    For a career that's anything but ordinary... Join the Perdition Police Department!

    Visit the City of Perdition Today!

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