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  1. I need some help on setting up an bonesrig for Fourlegger and Furry Avis. Can i download somewhere an standard pose rig for an Dog, Cat or maybe horse or Dragon somewhere ? is it possible to export the animations of an object into bhv and load them into an 3d application like cinema or 3dmax and modify them for your modell ? i am looking for an complete tutorial or maybe someone you can help me as an coworker or maybe as an tutor. i have some nice meshes i wanna use. Only furrys and Animals and Fantasy creatures.
  2. Hi. i have downloaded the standard human Rig. How is it possible to modify the Bonesrig to import meshes such as Dragons, Horses, Cats and so on ? The only Rig i have found was the Standard human Bonesrig. Is there anywhere an Anthromorph or Fourlegger Jointsrig for Download or do i have to use an custom rig ? As far as i am informed custom Rigs do not work in SL. i wanna use the meshes as my own avi thats why they should be wearable.
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