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  1. I am looking for a full region to buy for RP purposes and skyboxing.If you have anything IM me please
  2. yeah, i've found another place after some research and i've decided not to buy in the same area as that place incase of the unforseen D: Just waiting on the land to be "Given" to me now..
  3. I was refreshing all night and the bid was Not there 4 minutes to the close, I refreshed it atleast 6 times in the last 5 minutes alone. But to just Wait until the last minute is just a sore way of winning an auction isn't it? I mean look at auctions IRL you don't see people waiting till the last second, its all done in real time and their bids arn't the lowest amount Above the last
  4. I spent over 5 hours waiting for this auction for a PERFECT piece of land for me and my friends, 8000M2 for only 4,100 i bidded and waited all night till 5am in the morning, from what was on my screen it was 30seconds to go and i was still the only bidder. Then my Internet froze and when it came back, I lost by 4 minutes. The page is suppose to auto refresh i'd assume and it isn't fair that this guy got it for 10 more L than i bidded. You shouldn't allow land to be auctioned like that, it should have an Auctual commision for people to get ontop of, like the next bid has to be atleast 1-10%
  5. Ok after spending half a day today to get the internet working Iprimus 500GB per month High speed ADSL2 plan I finally get onto SL after a week of waiting, But now any time i open SL my entire computer slows down to a crawl and so does my internet speed, Googling with SL on makes me go to Dial up speeds and if i turn off SL it STILL goes on until i either A: Shut down the computer or B: Restart the modem. Can someone help me?
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