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  1. Congrats Dolly, lovely work!
  2. On my actual blog all images are 1000x1000. The one the Lindens placed here, the images were shrunk quite a bit. They are taken at much higher resolution but are not feed friendly larger. I even get complaints that the 1000 is too high. Not everyone has a 32 inch monitor unfortunately.
  3. I abhor seeing black shoes with brown toned pants. Khakis, chinos that are beige or tan with black shoes, I just cringe!
  4. The Decoy tops are adorable. I love the fluidity and color color color! I tend to wear stripes in the Spring, and I love anything plaid, gingham and tropical for warmer seasons.
  5. Entente is the new store that I am addicted to. They have my style, hands down, and lots of hats which makes my hat addiction happy!
  6. I wear MAYFLY eyes because I love the mesh eyes. My eye color is always teal.
  7. I appreciate your opinions! I'd love to see the looks you favor in Second Life to see the varying styles. As for the color choices, I did go eccentric to emphasis color and Spring. WIth anything we all have varying opinions and likes, and I truly would like to see what styles appeal to you. Have a great one!
  8. I agree with everyday-wear Harlow. Though I do have quite a bit of that in my inventory and blog posts. One thing that I wish I could find more of were polo shirts. Lively ones, not solids, stripes of different colors.
  9. That's a great idea, to make your own. Though I do not know how to do so, I am definitely putting it on my list of things to do in order to have the option!
  10. I wear tons of mesh! I started immediately and urged everyone to try it. Mens fashion however there is of course less avaiable but I am hopeful for the continued creations. Like anything new it takes time and patience will surely pay off. I embrace the mesh! And not just clothing, as you point out, I have tons of cars, weapons, accessories, furniture, even avatars. It's wonderful!
  11. I am surprised I do not see more ladies carrying hand bags or purses. I really love carrying a backpack or leather shoulder bag. Shoes definitely open up for Spring, I am a big fan of the espidrilles and of course bare feet. Hair accessories! I actually wish we had more for guys. A headband, hair with the top pulled back and tied with leather or beading. That would great.
  12. Hello Mrs. Raynier! I know it was a struggle for awhile to get mesh to render in a viewer for you but it has been well worth it! I have noticed that the ladies sitting in skirts are looking rather odd due to the alpha layer. I am not sure what could be done to aid that but standing they sure look lovely. As with anything new, it will have to evolve and become better and more refined. The struggle I have is most the pants do not fit my AV. I do not have a huge AV nor is it a very small for a male AV, but the sizing is for some gigantic man. There are a few jeans I have in my inventory that just do not fit even on XS. But this is due to men not yet having a standard sizing but that is being worked on thankfully!
  13. I completely understand not wishing to alter your shape. I have been lucky and not had to really, but I know thats rare.
  14. I personally would love to see more jewelry for men, as well as accessories like wallets and bow-ties.
  15. I can see how that style would be hard indeed. Have you tried Dura , Entente, Shag, or Jaryths Barber Shop? There is one at Shag that is very similar to a Cesar cut, and Jaryths has buzz cuts that you can demo. If you take a look at my blog, I have worn a few styles from each shop that I have suggested. Hope this helps!
  16. Scarves are so much fun! It is one thing that I miss during the Spring, but a nice light fabric scarf is lovely during the warmer times. I totally forgot to say glasses. I wear glasses almost always, and only switch them out to sunglasses when the occassion calls for it. One of my favorite stores for glasses right now is Entente. They have created mesh glasses that you can buy additional texture packs for. I love this feature because I tend to change colors alot. With a very easy to use hud system, Entente really makes your glasses extend to multiple pairs with this texture adding.
  17. I completely agree. From the male perspective, we do not have as much out there as the ladies do, but we have quite a bit more than we did say in 2009! I accessorize greatly. From jewelry to bags, pouches, belts, chains, wallets, leather cuffs, watches, pocket watches, suspenders and bow-ties. I find these to be a staple, and feel naked without at least a combination of a few. One of my favorite places to get unique jewelry is Earthstones by Abraxxa Anatine. Not only can I get amazingly detailed jewelry for myself but Mrs. Raynier as well.
  18. Mens clothing/accessories/hair-what are you NOT finding in world that you greatly wish to have?
  19. Have you incorporated mesh into your wardrobe? What types of mesh creations would you like to see creators and designers make?
  20. Do you accessorize in world? If so, what do you like to wear? If not, why? Feel free to share some favorite creators and/or stores.
  21. Shorts, capri style pants, open short sleeved shirts, tank tops, and light material or straw hats. These are my go to items once it starts to warm up. I can't wait for the lively prints in all of these and the fun prints that we see in Spring.
  22. From the male perspective, I wear make-up from Tableau Vivant and Chelle. A little eyeliner adds some pop to my eyes and I like to have an edgy feel for some of my blog photos. These two shops are my go to for dramatic make-up and my simple liner.
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