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  1. Hi! I am the Owner of three Regions and seek an advanced Builder and Landscaper for a contract job. The job involves building, terraforming and landscaping for a Homestead region. I am open to all serious inquiries and competitive bids at jennyferchilds resident. The details are: We will provide creative direction in the form of a brief The contractor will be responsible for executing creatively within that direction, providing: decoration, terraforming, teleport systems and landscaping The contractor will be supported by Sim Owner and Staff, available between 9AM SLT and 5PM SLT The aesthetic is a magical realist English countryside farm Many Objects for the decoration have already been laid out, they just need adjustment Terraforming requires completion Sim crossings and lag are important considerations We hope for a 1-2 week timeframe Thank you, JennyferChilds Resident
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