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  1. well i do not think that the actual hairstyle alone would be copywrited, so making one that is very similar shoudln't be a problem. @ valerie - i'll check out that style from Tuty's, i can use it for my other TR outfits thanks @ SID - that one is very close, i'll go check it out this new lara is supposed ot be alot younger and is in more of a survival situation. This is the specific style that i want to duplicate...
  2. I think Emo-tions might have some styles like that
  3. I have looked all over SL for a specific ponytali style to match the new Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider game to be released in a couple of weeks. I cannot find a good match, so i was wondering if anyone knows of a hair vendor that is willing to do custom work. Thanks :)
  4. You will probably have more fun and frustration shopping for hair than anything else in SL. There are so many good shops and so many styles...every time I find something that I think I like, I will find something even better in the next store. Just have fun with it and definitely take advantage of the demos...many of the good hairstyles can be quite expensive and you don't want to spend lindens on something that you won't quite be happy with. To add to the already great list of hair stores, i want to add two of my favorates...Amacci and sWEET FACEs (this one is good for very long straight
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