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  1. Does anyone know of any rp discord channels I could join? Thank you! Madeline
  2. Thanks for this post! I joined..and I am very excited about it.
  3. I was not sure where to post this so be kind! lol Hello there! Thank you for taking a moment to read this short note. I have created a new Zooby Baby Group called, L U V N "Babystuff". I created this group because I love my Zooby babies and want the best for them but honestly I don't know of all the stores out there providing for Zooby babies. Since all my groups are used up on fashion groups for myself, I thought it would be great to have one group that I could get all the notifications in for just my children. This group is designed for Zooby Clothing Creators to post sales, ev
  4. I am looking for some excellant role play! I would like to be the only slave of a Vampire Master....Please have a great looking avatar, dominating personality and can emote well....Then contact me! Thanks!
  5. I am not sure this is the right forum but I have a home that has a basement and needs to be on land that can be teraformed but I live on flat land that cannot be altered..is there anyway I can build something on the base of this house so that the basement is hidden? It would need to look like it's on a hill I guess..any help would be appreciated! Madi.B
  6. I went for a visit this morning...it's so big!! Very well done! I loved the feel of the place..I am excited to see what develops!
  7. SL devoted D/s couple (expecting) looking for similar couple to extend their RP family. Open to any relative or friend relationship We have large enough land to potentially share rent if the rp works out. This relationship is to extend our Family oriented Para RP. Please do not respond if you do not wish to stay IC. Send in world message to HunterGrey Resident or Uneek14U Resident if interested. We look forward to hearing from you!
  8. If you are a builder of houses or have a lot of knowledge placing one and the house settling cohesively then please contact me..I paid a lot of Lindens for this house but when I rez it..the floors are not lining up and the roofline has hardwood floors peeking through..any help would be appreciated! Madeline Bovier.
  9. So I have been brainstorming for a while now on how to get more interaction for myself and hopefully others. Nothing I am conveying now is set in stone but an idea of what I would like to see happen and can be subject to change with the input of others....I have a five bedroom house and there is only me and the man or men in my life there and we aren't there all the time but I am there a great de al of time.....only not in the house but in the building I have set up that I work out of. I am looking for roommates. I have four bedrooms left and 50 prims for each room at 200L a week. You could on
  10. An experienced Role Player that would enjoy rping that of a vampire....and begin a story line with me...If you have read any of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Books that would be a plus as I would love to rp with a man based on that story line...not as one of the characters in the book but build our characters around it. There is a new sim based on the books so we could role play there...I should mention it needs to be a man..of course there is so much more to talk about so if you are interested please im me in world... Uneek14U Resident... Thanks!
  11. If the puppy can be transferred I would be interested! Find me inworld at Uneek14U
  12. I am very new to Second Life..that is to say that I have just put it on my computer! That being said I am a long time role player. I absolutely love Christine Feehan's books and have read many of them and often day dream about being the women who gets bonded to a Carpathian male. I am very interested in your community and if it all possible would like to participate if you don't mind a very new person to Second Life...I have a lot to learn!
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