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  1. SL help acted like it was my problem not theirs. They recommended reverting to an older viewer. I only rexperience it after updating the latest version. Recent I7 quad-core Macbook Pro is my system.
  2. I am looking to build a PC (ambivilent over whether a laptop or desktop) . Looking for Hardware/memeory suggestions that would allow me a premium SL experience. I DJ in SL, but currently use my macbook pro for that purpose and would likely continue to do so.
  3. I am only a few weeks old in SL, but enjoy it enough to have a Premium membership and rent land, Yeah, the Linden House was OK, but only made want something more realistic. I ditched my first avi pretty quick for a custom made avatar (from an inworld shop) and have bought every only from the inworld Merchants. I do use the market place when I am just shopping as it draws less CPU power and the fan on my Macbook is not constantly whirring. However, I only buy if there is an inworld store. I hope it reaches a point where it turns positive for all of those posting concerns here. I upgraded immediately to Beta 3.0 viewer, but I do see the problem with multiple viewers, especially now with MESH coming onboard and the problems that causes when people use older viewers. Hopefully folks upgrade soon. I agree with the concerns. Luckily I have the displosable income to afford $150-$300 per month, not everyone is that way, but it is fun for me to log on at the end of a long day. Heck of a lot better than television these days. Please stay around - some of us "noobs" like it here!
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