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  1. Thanks for all the info. I went through all the graphics settings one at a time, including all the advaced settings with no noticeable difference. The only thing on the stats page I thought a little high was the ping, it was between 89-106msec. This was at Voice Echo Canyon. I'm going to try a wipe and redownload of SL. My hardware is set at 60FPS. Thanks again for all your help. I hope the reinstall will fix it. I'm scheptical though .
  2. When SL first boots up it flickers badly. By that I mean it turns black and appears to reload. Not the viewer, just everything inside the window. After a minute or two, it will stop, but then starts doing it again every time I open a dialog or control box in game. Also the game seems to run poorly compared to how it ran about a year ago. I am still using the same machine (specs. below). If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q9650 @ 3.00 GHz System Memory: 12 GB DDR2 1600 Hz OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Video cards: 2X Radeon HD 4870 X2 4GBs video memory w/ latest drivers. Thanks for all the info. I went through all the graphics settings one at a time, including all the advaced settings with no noticeable difference. The only thing on the stats page I thought a little high was the ping, it was between 89-106msec. This was at Voice Echo Canyon. I'm going to try a wipe and redownload of SL. My hardware is set at 60FPS. Thanks again for all your help. I hope the reinstall will fix it. I'm scheptical though. Help> About Second Life: does list my vid card (Radeon HD 4870 x2). Unfortunately Catalyst control center has issues with my bios, so I don't have it installed. I tried using the earlier driver earlier, but then SL wouldn't load past "Initializing VFS" Thanks again for all your ideas. If and when i find a solution, I'll add to the post. OK, reloaded SL viewer to no avail. Still having same trouble. I would appreciate any suggestions at this point. Pretty frustrating. >:(
  3. oh please go on about how I don't know anything about what I'm talking about when i simply didn't care to waist my time finding what specific trojan caused my problem. When, as i have explained to you simpletons, my system checked out, by that I mean a full diagnostic more in depth than your simple intellects could hope to comprehend. Assuming I have no knowledge is the last refuge of the uneducated. Again, if you could actually understand what you claim to have read in this thread, I have stated in this thread, I understand alot of people have downloaded the Phoenix viewer with no issues at all. It was my desire to give a simple heads up that something may be a miss. And flashing my bios and doing clean OS install is no "voodoo fix" ( you are laughable) However, I do admire that at least you have a less limited vocabulary then the rest of your kindred. Sir Bernard Shaw once said " the problem with comunication is, the illusion that it is actually happening" I leave you now with that to ponder. And leave you all and this thread to enjoy the bliss of your ignorance. Good day to you.
  4. Canoro Philipp wrote: since you know a lot about the bios, you should know that is hard for a program to change the bios, phoenix is open source meaning that if malicious code were put there, it would have been known immediatly. your problem seems to be with over heating. the computer froze trying to prevent damage, and was almost succesful, a part of your hardware recieved damage from heat, have you ever tried to overclock it? the chip of your videocard, your processor, the clusters of your hardrive, any part of it could have been burned, try taking off everything, just leaving it with the neccesary to run and put back the pieces one by one, and you will find the faulty one. Again, as I stated before, (I don’t know why I always assume someone would actually read the entire posting before leaving a comment) it is very insulting for any little educated minion like yourself to assume that I would not have checked my system in its entirety for anything out of the ordinary or “burned” as you stated. First, I understand it is indeed hard for a program to do anything to the bios. However, it can and does happen. second, I have overclocked some of my systems, so I understand proper cooling. however, I never needed to overclock this machine. And for your information, I have four (4) video processors on two cards, and I monitor their tempurature. If what you are assuming was at all the case, then why when I flashed my bios with a backup, did it completely fix my issue? With the bios at least. Again, to fix my OS I did a complete clean install. And again, this repaired my OS and it has run very well since then. How does any of this, or any of my earlier posting for that matter, in any way lead you to believe anything is wrong with or overheating in my system? And again, it is appearent that some of you just can’t wait to display ignorance about that which you are commenting. So please, if you have nothing constructive or knowledgable to add, or are simply going to repeat what has already been covered without reading fully and understanding previous postings in the thread, don't comment.
  5. Vladi Hazelnut wrote: For one thing the bios has nothing to do with the computer as you know it, or with your operating system. It is on a seperate chip on the motherboard. If it is taking an abnormally long amount of time for your computer to post, run its diagnostics and start windows then something is wrong with the hardware. Possibly memory problems, the bois chip itself failing or even the battery on your mother board being bad. . This entire paragraph assumes that I know nothing about computers. I have been building my own machines for 15 years. And anyone that would say that the bios has nothing to do with a computer has NO knowledge of computers. And has certainly no place commenting on them. I guess some people excel at demonstrating their ignorance. And no where did I state that the bios had anything to do with the operating system. It also assumes I did no checks on my machine to determine if it was possibly unsound. And for your education, there ARE trojans that can infect your bios. Without there being a mechanical problem. This again is simply insulting. My system ran fine until I tried to download the Phoenix viewer (from their own website)<--- rolls eyes. It locked my machine up so that I could not move the pointer, enter task manager or do anything aside from hit the system reset. After that point, my machine ran as described in my original post. It is true that I will never really know if it was the viewer, or something piggybacked on it when I downloaded. But since I had to flash my bios and do a clean install of windows to finally get rid of it. I thought that a word of warning was appropriate. I understand, and if the entire post was read and actually understood, already stated that a lot of people do use this viewer. Although it is still my opinion that if the creators of this viewer were worried about what else was downloading with their viewer, we shouldn't have to worry about WHERE we download it from. 496 posts, 2 kudos.......enough said. Thank you all for your time and consideration.
  6. I'm sure there a lot of people who run the Phoenix SL viewer. However, I downloaded it and it locked my machine up tough when I tried to start it. By that I mean no courser control, and no ability to initiate Task Manager. The only choice I had was to push the reset button. Now my Bios takes a lot longer to load. And windows takes an agonizingly long time to load. By THAT I mean at least 4 minutes. :( I have tried to repair windows to no avail. The bios I'm assuming will take a flash to fix. And it looks like a clean install of windows. If anyone out there is considering the Phoenix SL viewer, I DO NOT recommend it. Please think very carefully before you do.
  7.  I have done a clean install of Windows Vista Ultimate on my machine, than tried to download SL. It was sticking at initializing VFS. I tried manually clearing the cache. And made sure I rebooted before try to start SL again. I have downloaded the latest drivers from ATI. I then updated to Windows 7 Ultimate. The same thing Keeps happening. I then tried Phoenix viewer, a third party one. It still locks up my computer at the same point. I would appreciate any help anyone can offer. I want my SL back. :P Please read the entire post before you submit an answer. Thanks Yes, it's that kind of locked up. The only thing that is still running is the hard drive is still doing something. As you said, I can't move the cursor, and can't enter task manager. I have no control over my machine aside from pushing the reset button. However, I haven't waited thirty minutes. I haven't waited more than 10 actually.
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