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  1. oh just now looked at grid it can be becous of this: [postED 5:28 PM PST, 11 October 2013] We are currently performing unscheduled maintenance. During this time, some residents may be logged off and will be temporarily unable to log in, or experience inventory loading issues. This maintenance may also disrupt transactions, logins, or attempts to access some regions. Please refrain from transacting with L$ or rezzing valuable (no-copy) items until the all-clear is given. Please check back here for updates.
  2. i'm getting same error too tried to log in into different region and still don't work :matte-motes-crying:
  3. I have this proble got mail that im not using viewer that is not in third party viewer but problem is Phoenix is there im using this one the new version and dont know what to do now this is really weird. i never used other viewer then phoenix viewer. pleas for help i cant get to account ti 26/8.. (Sorry for Bad english)
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