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  1. Carry on from my previous message. The problem was that when I clicked onto the Program, it would do the whole ''Intializing Textures'' ect, then pop up with the same message ''Graphics Initialization Failed. Please update your Graphics Driver!''. I did what the person suggested in my other question, other viewers work but confuse the hell out of me. I downloaded an older SL Viewer and it told me to update, so I did. I finally got onto the log in screen but I had to update once more. I did so. And now I'm getting the same error. Please help me, other viewers do work however I prefer SL Viewer 2 so much, and it's driving me nuts that nothing is working. Thank you. ADDITION: I ran a full update on my laptop and made sure everything is up to date.
  2. Was playing around with my graphics while in game, it made me crash so I figured ''Okay, log back in and change it back.'' Now it won't let me log in at all because my graphics card is not updated and I'm not the one for technical stuff. I wondered if there is a way to reset it back to my ordinary graphics without going in game. I've even reinstalled it. The game worked perfectly fine with low graphics, so I just want to get it back to that. Please help, thanks.
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