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  1. You dont say if you have used RLV. but its common that if you leave a trap in the not right way that your teleports can be disabled. If you have for example firestorm you can check if you have any active restrictions from a menu command. Its also possible that a master/mistress has it disabled and forgot tell you. Often as punishment. If you use a collar you can let your master/mistress check it. If you have ay other active RLV item you can disable it by turning RLV off temporarily. If that fixes it you know what it is.
  2. on the contrary it has everything to do with PG land. when this happend my skirt blouse and hair didnt appear and i was naked no amount of attempts to wear a blouse was successful instead greeted with the cheerful rez error to everyone there i was naked. willingly or not i think it still is an issue to run around naked in a PG area, so until this is solved i dont dare teleport there period.
  3. Is this a new feature? Is there some way to choose hair and such so we can actually get dressed? shoes and hairs and some jewelry never seem to get worn. instead get rez failed messages. very odd since what i do is replace outfit and it worked until yesterday dont seem to matter which sim im at either or im just lucky to go to the same server all time. is this something we should be aware of? do we need upgrade our old clothes? didnt think worn items should count as prims and hit some rez prim limit the sim in question had 44.5 fps and 0% lag according to some lag meter, it wasnt a busy place. P.S. NO its not my internet since moving to my home sim it works perfect. D.S this need fixing since i wouldnt dare go PG land until this is fixed.
  4. Thank you all for the wonderful comments it really helped me. In the hope others also try the solution provided by Marigold. Login to a different but empty region. I tried many times and login eventually worked i think i did about 20 attempts each moving the login bar a tiny bit, it finally worked. once there i jumped to where the ghost was and my character was whole again.
  5. Sorry if this is wrong forum but have not been able see this described anywhere. This happend today in the Fritts region. Suddenly was disconnected and when trying to login it says the server is in the process of finishing the logout. Then dutifully wait until the given time and try again. This time to be met by the time being set forward another 4 minutes. This happens each time trying to login. Logging in alt works fine. Going to the region one can see the character still there. But i cant use at all. Sorry if this is wrong forum. But this server problem need be corrected. Its the process of logging out that never finish.
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